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Introducing Panopto at 34 New Universities — and in the New York Times

Panopto in the New York TimesToday we’re thrilled for the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Twice.

First, to the more than 400,000 new students at 34 colleges and universities across the state of Washington that will be implementing Panopto for lecture capture, flipped classrooms, live streaming events, and more, starting this fall semester.

And second, to the world — by way of Panopto’s profile in the pages of today’s New York Times.

In Capturing Employees’ Expertise on Camera Before They Hit the Exits, the Times’ Nick Wingfield discusses what makes video such a powerful opportunity for today’s businesses — giving companies a means to record employees as they share their expertise.

That kind of social learning is often the backbone for how institutional knowledge is passed down in an organization — but while many businesses still rely on those conversations to happen face to face, recording that expertise with video extends that knowledge exponentially. Without video, that knowledge is inaccessible any time the expert isn’t reachable. With video, anyone can access that expertise anytime, anywhere, even if the expert is in a meeting, out of the office, or no longer with the company. That kind of video can be a powerful addition any company’s onboarding, product training, sales enablement, and customer service programs, as well as dozens of others.

Welcome Washington Students!

Wingfield’s Panopto profile includes another exciting announcement — Panopto has been selected for campus-wide deployments at the University of Washington as well as at 33 universities in the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC).

UW and SBCTC, with 43,000 and nearly 400,000 students, respectively, will use Panopto’s video platform to flip their classrooms, record lectures, create faculty training, live stream campus events, and more.

Said Tom Lewis, Director of Academic and Collaborative Applications at University of Washington, “The University of Washington is committed to providing our students with exceptional learning opportunities that increasingly involve cutting-edge information technology. After an extensive needs assessment and pilot in a wide variety of UW classes, Panopto emerged as the clear choice for our students and faculty.”

With Panopto, these institutions will increase the reach and flexibility of their curricula, providing an innovative blended learning environment that improves the academic experience for students across the state. The technology enables these universities to offer new means of student support, as well as new tools for educators seeking to enhance their student’s classroom learning experiences.

“Video-enhanced learning is a key aspect of SBCTC’s Strategic Technology Plan, which provides a framework for how our system will deploy 21st-century technologies to support student success,” said Mark Jenkins, Director of eLearning and Open Education at the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges. “With Panopto, students across Washington can personalize their learning experience with anywhere, anytime access to lecture recordings and will be able to participate more actively in the learning process through recorded assignments and presentations.”

Try It For Yourself!
Whether you’re sharing knowledge across your business or across your campus, video helps make ideas engaging, clear, and memorable. And Panopto’s video platform makes sharing ideas with video easy — with Panopto you can record from virtually any device, upload automatically to a centralized video library, and keyword search by any word spoken in your video or shown on-screen with our Smart Search video search technology — so your team can always find what they need to see.

If you’re ready to see how your organization can use video to share ideas, insights, and more, Panopto can help. Request a demo or sign up for a free trial today.