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This Week in Ideas Shared with a Panopto Video — June 6, 2014

There’s a tendency to expect the Summer months bring about a pause on all things education. Schools recess for summer break. Corporate learning and development teams offer fewer training classes as more employees leave on summer vacations.

But ideas don’t abide by any calendar.

This week saw a surfeit of educational and entertaining videos among the latest presentations shared with the Panopto video platform. And in the spirit of passing it on, these are just a few of the ideas shared online this week with Panopto’s video recording software.

University of Arizona presentation icon - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Building the New Arizona.Edu Public Map
Maybe it’s just that Panopto is a tech company and we’re all openly fascinated with smart technology, but we couldn’t help but lead off this week’s idea list with this recorded presentation from the University of Arizona’s information and technology services team, getting into the details of how they built the school’s fancy new campus map at map.arizona.edu, created entirely internally from campus data and ArcGIS.

University of York presentation thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Capture platform

Crafting Knowledge with Digital Visual Media in Archaeology
Join Sara Perry of the University of York for her guest recorded lecture on the practice of visualization within the field of archaeology. Today’s archaeological visualizers occupy a unique position within the discipline, challenged to combine true graphic design artistry with accurate historical representations.

York University presentation thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Capture platform

Blending to Learn, Learning to Blend
Roy Owston, Dean, York University Faculty of Education, shares this recorded keynote, introducing blended learning and detailing York University’s experience in adopting the pedagogy. Along with discussing student feedback and the initial institutional challenges, Owston shares his own experience in teaching both an undergraduate- and graduate-level blended course.

Adelphi University lecture thumbnail - Panopto Video Learning Platform

An Intro to Video Game Programming for Non-Majors
Always wanted to create your own video game but not quite sure how? Join Adelphi University for this easy introduction to building games with Construct. Find out how to create characters, add elements, and enable movement — all in just 15 minutes!

Miami-Dade College presentation thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Recording system

Practical Nursing — Burns
Miami Dade College School of Nursing introduces the subject of burns in this week’s practical nursing recorded lecture. Learn about the different types of burns, how burns are classified, and how each different burn should be treated.

History of Civilization presentation thumbnail - Panopto Online Presentation Platform

History of Civilization: The Acceleration of Global Contact 1450-1600
Learn more about our shared global history, and the events that created the foundation for our modern political and economic systems. In this audio lecture, Professor Martin looks into the history of the world as trade routes expanded in the South China Sea and increasing European desire for luxury goods sent explorers sailing around the globe.

Fatherhood and Child Development presentation thumbnail - Panopto Lecture Capture platform

Fatherhood and Children’s Development: Impact on Social Development (Play)
Our final presentation of the week takes us back to the University of Arizona, for a sample of the school’s recorded webinar series on fatherhood and children’s development. In this edition, we learn about the importance of play in general, as well as the specific function that father play serves in the emotional and social development of a child.

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