Panopto's InPlayer integration is the easiest way to monetize your videos

The easiest way to monetize your videos

Whether you’re a training provider looking to expand your business online, or an academic institution that offers distance and online learning, monetizing your premium video assets shouldn’t be hard.

The InPlayer and Panopto engineering teams have worked together to dramatically simplify the process of monetizing your video content. Integrating InPlayer’s paywall platform with Panopto takes just a few minutes, and setting up monetization for each of your Panopto videos can be accomplished in less than 60 seconds.

Panopto's InPlayer integration provides a secure paywall built for scale

A secure paywall built for scale

It doesn’t matter whether you have a hundred customers or a hundred thousand. Panopto and InPlayer are built to scale elastically with your demand.

Built on AWS, Panopto and InPlayer benefit from the ability to intelligently auto-scale, enabling you to transact and stream video to worldwide audiences without performance degradation, and helping you maximize conversions and revenue for your live and on-demand video assets.

To secure your premium assets, InPlayer provides built-in authentication, single sign-on options, and social login via Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

Panopto's InPlayer integration offers flexible pay-per-view and subscription payment options

Flexible pay-per-view and subscription payment options

With InPlayer and Panopto, you have control over how you get paid for your content. For each video or collection of videos, you can set up pay-per-view or subscription payment with flexible access options.

And with support for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal, you can accept payment from clients around the world.

Stream your media efficiently on a modern video platform with Panopto's InPlayer integration

Stream your media efficiently on a modern video platform

Panopto includes a unique media engine that uses modern video streaming protocols for video capture, live webcasting, and on-demand distribution. As a result, you get faster video startup times, reduced buffering, unmatched scalability, and higher-quality playback for your viewers.

Record, Live Stream, and Edit your Videos

All Using a Single Video Platform

With Panopto, you get an all-in-one video platform with easy-to-use video capture and live streaming tools, a video editor, a quiz maker for creating interactive video quizzes, in-depth video analytics, and more. To find out more about Panopto's video platform, click the link below.

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Record, live stream and edit your videos with Panopto's InPlayer integration