Embed videos in SharePoint pages with Panopto

Embed videos in SharePoint pages.

Panopto makes it easy to include video content in any SharePoint page. Recordings stored in your Panopto library can be embedded with just a few clicks. Files stored elsewhere can be uploaded and embedded automatically. And no matter the video, Panopto’s embedded player supports HTML5 and Flash for optimal playback on the broadest range of devices.

Add video playlists to SharePoint sites with Panopto

Add video playlists to SharePoint sites.

For collections of related videos, or a series of videos meant to be watched in sequential order, Panopto makes it possible to embed custom playlists in SharePoint. Playlists include Panopto’s Smart Search technology, enabling viewers to search for any word spoken or shown in a playlist video, then fast forward to the precise moment where the term occurs.

Synchronized single sign-on

with user-specific analytics.

Once someone logs into SharePoint, they’ll automatically log into Panopto as well. Panopto utilizes rolling synchronization that references your ID management systems each time a user authenticates. Once logged in, Panopto’s analytics tools track user viewing behavior, so you'll always know who’s watched what.

Manage your videos from within your CMS with Panopto's SharePoint integration

Manage your videos from within your CMS.

The Panopto SharePoint app gives you access to a wide range of Panopto video management functionality. Upload video and audio files, launch Panopto’s recording or editing tools, check video analytics, set approval workflows and more.