Panopto Developer APIs

Extend our video platform to meet the needs of your existing business processes and IT infrastructure.

Develop from scratch. Or not.

Using code written in any language, you can use the Panopto API to programmatically import videos, manage users, perform custom analytics, and more. To get you started, we provide samples in our developer forum and ready-to-run apps in our GitHub repositories.

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Programmatically control recordings and webcasts.

Automatically start and stop recordings, schedule recordings in advance, set up recurring recordings, and more.

Integrate Panopto with your user management system and analytics using our developer APIs

Integrate with authentication and analytics.

Programmatically create users and groups, map those groups to your identity management system, and control authorization to content for individual users and groups. Use Panopto’s API to import your video statistics into big data tools or existing analytics systems, and get both high-level and detailed views of platform usage to find patterns in viewing behavior.

Search your video content.

Make the most of Panopto’s video search by accessing it programmatically. Through the Panopto API and OpenSearch federation, you can integrate search results into existing content management systems (CMS), learning management systems (LMS), customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, web portals, collaboration tools, and more.

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Record video conferences using APIs from Panopto and your existing unified communications tools

Programmatic web conference ingestion.

Record every detail of your web conferences using APIs from Panopto and GoToMeeting, WebEx, Skype, Adobe Connect, Blue Jeans, Vidyo, and others. Make those recordings available instantly, and automatically index every word spoken or shown in the recording to create a searchable record of the meeting.