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There’s an API for That: How We’ve Enhanced Panopto’s Developer Platform for Organizational Video

Today most organizations have developed their own formal or informal custom workflows for managing video assets – from recording them to editing them to encoding them.

In fact, any given organization will often have multiple workflows for video — which makes sense, as the video produced by events teams will be different from that produced by the training team, which in turn will be different from that produced by the sales, communications, or marketing teams, and so on through just about every part of the organization.

Yet while it may make sense to allow multiple video production workflows, the value of those video assets falters when organizations don’t insist on a single repository for managing and searching video.

Today the great challenge for many organizations is how to make those videos universally available and discoverable across the company – ideally without changing their existing workflow.

Traditionally, it hasn’t been easy enough to do this, and as a result, many organizations simply put videos into an archive, or several archives scattered across the corporate network, where the valuable information in the recordings is locked away.

The Solution: Make a Better Video Platform Part of Your Video Workflow

In our latest release, Panopto has made it simple for organizations to centralize and share large archives of video, with the addition of our video upload API.

Panopto already supports the ability to batch upload large quantities of video by simply dragging and dropping files into a web-based upload tool. Now we’ve added the ability to programmatically upload videos using a new REST-based API. The API enables organizations to upload recordings into Panopto as part of an existing video content workflow, or to simply bulk-import an existing video archive.


Panopto’s developer APIs make it easy for your team to extend and customize your Panopto video platform installation. Along with simplifying upload, Panopto’s APIs allow you to perform custom authentication and integration, automate user management, run custom reports, and more.

Our new update to the Panopto API for developers enables organizations to make videos shareable, accessible on any device, and searchable with only a few lines of code, and without changing their existing video content workflows.

For organizations with large video archives, there’s never been an easier, faster way to instantly get incredible value from all of their recordings.

See Panopto’s API for yourself!
If you’re interested in learning more about the latest Panopto update, or about how Panopto can help your organization use video to share knowledge, contact our team to request a free trial of our software.