How universities are leveraging virtual learning as a cornerstone of the in-person experience

The seismic shift toward virtual learning shows no signs of slowing down – even for universities that have returned to the classroom.

Video learning has evolved far beyond its humble beginnings in remote recording to become the foundation for an accessible, flexible, future-proof learning paradigm that both students and faculty have come to expect from their educators and institutions – whether at home or on campus.

Join Chris Alibaruho, Educational Video Expert at Panopto, in this session to discover:

  • Data-driven trends around in-person and virtual lecture capture from more than 1,100 educational institutions
  • How the University of Notre Dame streamlined and elevated virtual learning while remaining committed to face-to-face learning
  • The importance of “The Big Three” technologies as the backbone of the virtual and in-person classroom
  • 3 strategies for leveraging virtual learning tools to enhance the in-person classroom
Chris Alibaruho
Chris Alibaruho, Head of Education Video

Chris Alibaruho is a higher education technology professional who works with colleges and universities to transform the learning experience using video. His passion for education stems from his family, especially his father, and a global education experience. Chris manages the higher education sales team at Panopto and focuses on operational rigor, cultural authenticity, and an unrelenting focus on customers. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Marketing from Penn State University.

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