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Find out why you should choose Panopto over Kaltura.

  • Purpose-Built Excellence: Panopto, exclusively focused on education, is chosen by 21 of the top 25 universities globally, unlike Kaltura’s broad approach. Our platform enhances educational outcomes with features solely dedicated to video learning.
  • Ease of Use: Panopto offers an intuitive platform that simplifies recording, sharing, and searching, ensuring efficiency and a user-friendly experience. This is in contrast to Kaltura’s complex implementation, highlighted by Panopto’s 99.99% uptime last year.
  • Customer Success Focus: With a 99% satisfaction and over 95% retention rate, Panopto invests in user success through dedicated support and services, outperforming Kaltura’s fragmented approach with an NPS score four times higher.
  • Reliability and Innovation: Panopto guarantees 99.99% uptime and over 90% ASR accuracy, providing reliable and precise content access. Our global partnerships ensure competitive pricing and exceptional service.
  • Transparent Pricing: Panopto’s all-inclusive pricing model prevents unexpected costs, offering a predictable budgeting process compared to Kaltura’s variable pricing, which can lead to unforeseen expenses.

Choose the market leader.

Our dedicated switch programs help users of Kaltura and other video platforms to make a quick and simple switch to Panopto, enabling greater success and scaling.

To request a personalised demonstration of Panopto and see for yourself how quick and painless a change can be, simply by filling out this form:

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We offer competititve pricing to anyone, who wants to switch to Panopto. Find out more about the individual programs. Your current solution is not listed? No problem! Get in touch anyway and we will ensure to get you the best offer possible.