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Get a Video Platform that works for you. Switch from Mediasite to Panopto.

  • Simplicity: Panopto’s intuitive platform stands out for ease of use in recording, sharing, and searching, contrasting with Mediasite’s complexity.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Panopto excels in support, boasting high satisfaction and retention rates, significantly outperforming Mediasite.
  • Dependability and Progress: With reliable uptime and accurate content access, Panopto leads in innovation and service quality through global partnerships.
  • Clear Pricing: Offers straightforward, inclusive pricing, providing a predictable budgeting solution compared to Mediasite’s variable pricing model.

How TAFE Queensland Adopted a New Video Platform in Two Weeks

One of Australia’s most prestigious Higher Education Institutions, TAFE Queensland, was ready to give their video education offering more sophistication. Being restricted by the limited functionalities of MediaSite’s video solution, they decided to switch to Panopto to be able to scale and offer a whole new set of features.

In our recent case study, key staff members explain how simple and painless the migration from MediaSite to Panopto was and how quickly users were able to adapt to their new video management platform.

“Since implementing Panopto, we’ve seen a significant increase in the use of video by teachers. We’ve made it easier for teachers to create and share the video out, and the students are benefiting from that.” – Simon Lewington, Manager of Educational Technologies, TAFE Queensland

Find the full case study here

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Our dedicated switch programs help users of Mediasite and other video platforms to make a quick and simple switch to Panopto, enabling greater success and scaling.

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