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  • Dedicated Video Learning Focus: Panopto, born from Carnegie Mellon University in 2007 and created by educators, offers a laser-focused video learning solution, unlike YuJa’s broader EdTech approach. This dedication to quality and educational excellence is proven by its adoption by 21 of the top 25 universities worldwide, ensuring users are among the elite in video education.
  • Superior Quality and Reliability: With over fifteen years of excellence, Panopto guarantees top-notch service, including uptime, performance, ASR accuracy, and security. Unlike YuJa, Panopto’s remote recorders ensure continuous video capture, even during server or power failures, as highlighted by Thomas Jefferson University’s experience, reinforcing the importance of quality over quantity.
  • Commitment to Customer Success: Panopto invests in long-term relationships, offering unmatched implementation services and support, highlighted by a 99% customer satisfaction and over 95% retention rate. In contrast to YuJa’s basic support options, Panopto provides dedicated experts, ensuring superior service that sets the gold standard in vendor support.
  • Valuable Partnerships and Integrations: Panopto excels in enhancing video experiences through partnerships and integrations with leading educational technology firms, offering over 55 actively supported integrations. This commitment to innovation and seamless integration surpasses generic platforms, offering a blend of exceptional service and competitive pricing.
  • Transparent and Predictable Pricing: Unlike YuJa’s potentially misleading “unlimited” packages with hidden costs, Panopto believes in radical pricing transparency, ensuring no surprises throughout the contract. This straightforward approach allows for accurate budgeting and a trust-based partnership, distinguishing Panopto as a preferred video solution provider.

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Our dedicated switch programs help users of Yuja and other video platforms to make a quick and simple switch to Panopto, enabling greater success and scaling.

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We offer competititve pricing to anyone, who wants to switch to Panopto. Find out more about the individual programs. Your current solution is not listed? No problem! Get in touch anyway and we will ensure to get you the best offer possible.