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16 Ways You Can Use Video for Education

Our customers rely on Panopto to support a wide range of use cases for video in education. As part of our recent user conference, we’ve compiled a long list of ways we’ve seen our education community use video as part of their teaching and learning practices or student communication activities. We hope you’ll take inspiration from these approaches – for each one, there’s a link to a white paper, customer case study, guest blog post, web page or video to help you get a more in-depth view of each use case in practice.

Video in education - lecture captureLecture capture

This is one of the of the most common uses for video amongst our higher education community. With Panopto, institutions can record lectures with easy-to-use software, add quizzes to enhance student engagement, and integrate with their VLE to make sharing and access simple. Our flexible video platform allows institutions to record any combination of video sources, in any configuration, in classrooms of any size. Panopto can also scale with ease from small departmental deployments to campus-wide installations.

Learn more in our ‘How to set up any room for lecture capture’ white paper.

Video in education - flipped learningFlipped classroom

Instructors around the world have adopted the flipped classroom to make more productive use of face-to-face time with their learners. In a classic flipped classroom model, academics or teachers create a short video lecture which students can watch in advance of a scheduled session at their own pace. Instructors can use their Windows PC or Mac to record their multimedia flipped learning resources, integrating slide decks and other on-screen content along with audio or video of themselves presenting. These advance video lessons help students learn the key points they’ll need before class begins. The physical session that would’ve been used for lecture content can then be used for discussion, debate or group work to promote deeper learning.

Learn more in our guide, ‘The practical guide to flipping your classroom’.

Video in education -distance learningDistance learning

Another very common use case for Panopto amongst our Higher Ed community is supporting remote learners with video. Webcasting physical lectures to distance learners can help create a ‘next-best’ equivalent of what campus-based students are experiencing, and enables remote learners to submit questions so that they can interact more effectively. Institutions can also create a whole range of purely digital resources for on-demand online review, making it possible to offer MOOC courses or other forms of online learning.

Learn more about using Panopto for distance learning.

Video in education - how to videosHow-to videos

Many institutions are now using Panopto to create how-to’ or tutorial videos. These are often used to convey course-specific content, such as how to use certain pieces of equipment. They can also be used to communicate about processes or procedures that are relevant across disciplines to, for instance, teach students about key university systems.

Learn more by watching a tutorial video on how to use a microscope.

Video in education - staff trainingStaff training

Higher education institutions are increasingly using video to enhance staff training and better facilitate staff self-reflection on their own teaching practice. Video can be used to create consistent staff development resources that can be accessed at the point of need, even when academics are based in different campuses. Recordings of lectures, seminars or lessons can also allow staff to watch their teaching sessions back at any time, enabling them to identify the areas they want to improve.

Learn more by reading our blog post on five ways universities can use video for staff training and development.

Video in education - video content managementVideo content management

For many institutions, Panopto is used as a centralised video library for all recorded content. Panopto provides a secure video content management solution, for both new content recorded with Panopto as well as for existing content captured elsewhere. And Panopto includes everything needed to manage your video library, including a simple web-based editor, complete system and viewing analytics, the industry’s most comprehensive search engine, and automatic transcoders that convert videos for optimal viewing on any device. This makes the video platform easy to administer and highly flexible for students and staff. In fact, creating a single, unified video repository with VLE integration is now enabling universities to begin considering new options like offering post-graduation access to videos for alumni.

Learn more about Panopto’s video content management capabilities.

Video in education -live streamingVideo feedback

Many instructors want to provide their students with more engaging feedback on their work and have found that Panopto can allow them to do just that. Rather than annotating an essay or presentation with written feedback, academics can use Panopto to record video and audio commentary with screen capture of their students’ work. Lecturers who have moved to this mode of giving feedback have told us that it saves them time and allows them to give richer, more personalised feedback to their learners. In highly visual subjects, like fashion or art, this method of offering feedback can also better capture a tutor’s views on a physical student submission like a sculpture or garment.

Learn more by reading a guest blog post on using video to offer student feedback.

Video in education - live streamingLive broadcast

Universities can connect with existing and new audiences — wherever they are — by using Panopto’s live streaming software. Institutions are using this feature in a variety of ways, including live streaming graduation ceremonies, guest lectures, music performances and more.  

Learn more by reading about Kettering University’s live streamed graduation ceremony.

Immersive in-practice training

Video in education - medical training

In some subjects, it is much easier to show a procedure than describe it. In some scenarios, it is also imperative to be able to capture processes from a range of angles so that learners get a more immersive experience. Panopto is being used in various medical schools and other specialized practice settings to capture students enacting scenarios relating to particular procedures from every angle. This lets them (and their instructors) watch the recordings back so that they can hone their techniques in the future.

Learn more by reading a case study from the University of Essex.

Mock courtroom for law students

Video in education -mock courtroom

Many subjects deal with highly complex, multi-faceted situations – and law is a perfect example. Panopto can provide law students with nuanced perspectives on, for instance, courtroom scenarios by making it easy for universities to facilitate a multi-camera set-up. This allows institutions to capture the jury, judge and all elements of a typical courtroom to offer students insights into the type of environment they may face in their future career.

Learn more by viewing this mock courtroom set-up.

Aiding accessibility

Video in education - accessibility

Higher education institutions are increasingly looking to support students with special educational needs more effectively. Along with simply making lecture recordings available for students unable to physically get to class, Panopto also includes accessibility-focused features like configurable video captions, variable speed playback, support for screen readers and keyboard navigation that provide extra assistance for students.

Learn more on our dedicated accessibility web page.


Virtual open days

Video in education - virtual open days

Some universities are looking to reach new groups of prospective students by running virtual open days to complement their physical open day events. If an institution is in a remote location or the university is trying to connect with international students, virtual open days can help remove physical barriers.  

Learn more in our blog post on three ways video can be used for virtual open days.



Video in education - moocs

Universities can use Panopto to create and share MOOC-related content using their existing lecture capture set-up. While some institutions create high-end MOOC materials, others are using the video platform to enhance engagement with MOOC learners by spinning out additional ad-hoc video content to respond to MOOC student needs in an agile way — for instance, by doing ‘round-up’ video sessions responding to questions posed by MOOC students.

Learn more in a blog post on changes in university approaches to MOOCs.

Language learning

Video in education - language learningDepartments specialising in teaching modern languages have found many uses for Panopto to improve language learning. Video allows teachers to show things like video close-ups of mouth positions for pronunciation and also enables students to record their spoken language skills for comment and review.

Learn more by watching this student language presentation.


Student recording

Video in education - student recording

Many institutions don’t just want students to view recorded content — they want students to become creators too. With Panopto, they are enabling their students to record presentations, assessments, demonstrations of practical skills or performances for self-reflection, tutor review and peer collaboration.

Learn more from a student who has been using Panopto to record his musical performances for self-reflection.

360-degree video

Video in education - 360 videoPanopto can support sophisticated, immersive video experiences to create a sense of presence for a university’s virtual audiences. Using 360-degree video can allow students to get a more lifelike view of a campus setting or create deeper learning experiences.

Learn more by interacting with this 360-degree video showing the Newcastle University campus.



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