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Panopto 2023: A Year in Review

It’s been a great year of collaboration with our customers. Working with some of the most innovative companies and institutions in higher education is a privilege. 

Looking back at 2023, we’ve had a lot of fun building an innovative future of learning and working smarter together with the power of video.

Here’s a look back at our key 2023 milestones.

By the Numbers

Total Created Streams: 14,591,176

Total Viewing Hours: 90, 017, 643

Total Creators: 2, 178, 407


Panopto 14.0 : Smarter Updates

We released Panopto 14.0, introducing platform enhancements to make learning with video even easier. The release continues Panopto’s mission of making learning with video anywhere from any device simpler, engaging, and productive.

Key features included UI / UX updates for streamlined workflows, multi-stream embedded and mobile webcasting for personalized viewing experiences, and expanded language support to increase accessibility.

Don’t miss Panopto 14.10, our next major release in January 2024.


Off the Press

Throughout the year, we celebrated Panopto’s achievements.

  • Finalist at the SaaS Awards 2023: Panopto was a finalist in the 2023 Saas Awards program, competing in the Best SaaS Product for E-Learning category. This recognition underscores Panopto’s commitment to high-quality, scalable, and impactful video innovation.
  • G2 Recognition for Best Support and User Satisfaction: G2 users recognized our customer satisfaction and support, naming Panopto a leader in Enterprise Video CMS.
  • Global University Adoption: 21 of the top 25 universities worldwide, according to the Times Higher Education World University 2023 Rankings, chose Panopto as their essential remote video learning platform. This is the fifth consecutive year where 20 of the world’s top 25 academic institutions remain Panopto customers, highlighting our role in remote, HyFlex, and blended learning models.



In the Community

Our partners inspire our innovation. While their needs change, we keep learning. That means collaborating, attending events, hosting webinars, networking, and learning from each other. Here’s a round-up of how we built community towards our customers’ success:

      • Webinars and Virtual Events: Throughout the year, we hosted a series of webinars and virtual events, sharing insights on video trends, best practices, success stories, and paneling guest speakers. 

For example, our “Who’s Really Doing Their Homework?” webinar explored student engagement in online education, demonstrating how Panopto’s content analytics dashboard can support at-risk students.

We teamed up with the University of Iowa in our “Unlocking Accessibility” webinar, discussing Panopto’s video learning platform as a tech tool for a Universal Design for Learning Framework (UDL).

      • Educause 2023: The Educause 2023 Annual Conference buzzed with excitement this year, and we connected with current customers, learned about the latest trends, and reflected on the future of higher education with professionals from around the world.
      • Field Insights: Our survey explored how higher education leaders use Panopto to create flexible learning environments for students. The results of our community survey indicated that Panopto helps drive flexible experiences, from enhanced distance learning, to lecture capture, flipped classrooms, and more.
      • Customer Stories: We added a number of new customer success stories to our roster in 2023, from learning institutions to global enterprise business. Here are a few we’re proud to be working with:



2023 Video Trends in Higher Education

It was a year of many trends for video learning across many industries, and our 2023 Video Trends in Higher Education report captured a lot of interesting findings. It provides valuable insights into how video develops in higher education and how it might evolve. A short list of its findings includes shifting towards asynchronous video adoption, a preference for hybrid learning, and increased global participation and diversity.


Looking Ahead

The future of video learning is bright, agile, and smarter than ever.

In a recent three-part interview series, Panopto’s tech leaders, Amit Mondal and Uday Gorpade, shared their vision for the future of video as a knowledge-sharing medium alongside Panopto’s distinct market position. They also discussed the evolving role of learning platforms across business and educational sectors.

Where are you on your smarter learning journey with video? We’d love to hear from you.

That’s a wrap for 2023. Looking forward to our next year, Panopto has never been more excited about the future of learning in such a rapidly evolving world. 

We’d like to thank our community: customers, users, partners, leaders, and team members. We’re committed to making learning even more engaging, accessible, and impactful than ever.

Panopto is the leader in innovative video learning.

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