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Can You Panopto An Evernote Presentation?

In the past few years, Evernote has become one of the go-to tools for taking notes. The simplicity of the app, and it’s ability to synchronize notes between a work laptop, a home PC, and a smartphone anywhere else has made the tool a mainstay of Top Apps lists.

Recently, Evernote added a new feature to it’s list of capabilities: Presentation Mode. In presentation mode, Evernote launches a full-screen viewer and shares a clean and formatted version of the active note. It’s a sharp way to review the results of a brainstorming session, as well as a great tool for guiding a meeting or discussion without formal presentation slides.

These days there’s no right or wrong way to make a presentation — whether in the conference room or the classroom, the best presentations are always those that put the focus on the content. An Evernote presentation offers a new digital-whiteboard option for those concepts or data points that aren’t quite organized for formal slides, but that still have had real thought put into them and are ready to be shared and discussed.

Of course, any presentation is only valuable to those who actually attend. And that goes doubly true for those get-togethers where new ideas are being shared or creative concepts being reviewed — the people who just get the recap after the fact miss potentially invaluable opportunities to get inspired, make recommendations, and help contribute to and guide creative or strategic processes.

That is, unless you record those presentations — then even the people who missed the live conversation can hear the discussion, see the ideas and insights, and make real, informed contributions.

So Can You Record Evernote Presentation Mode with Panopto?

Of course! See just how easy it is to record an Evernote presentation with Panopto in our latest video:

How Panopto Records Your Evernote Presentation

Panopto’s flexible presentation recording tools give you a range of options for recording your Evernote presentation.

High-Definition Screen Recording
For starters, in our video we’ve used Panopto to record our Evernote presentation as a high-definition screen recording. Specifically, we get both HD resolution on all our content, as well as a high frame rate in the recording — meaning the movement of the screen and the pointer (as well as any other animation) is smooth. We don’t need to worry about the file size of the recording restricting playback quality either, since Panopto automatically encodes the file into multiple sizes and manages bitrate streaming to ensure an optimal playback experience for every viewer.

Supporting The Presentation with Multi-Camera Recording
Of course, sharing only a recording of the presentation screen doesn’t fully capture the entire discussion. To help people see the entirety of the meeting, the event, or the class, it’s often helpful to include an additional camera angle or two. Here, we’ve added my webcam to show just how easy it is to bring the presenter on-screen with the presentation. For more interactive discussions like whiteboard sessions or group conversations, you may want to take advantage of Panopto’s multi-camera recording capabilities to set up cameras around the room to record the discussion, the whiteboard, and anything else that may be helpful for later viewers.

Indexing Everything for Search
Panopto’s Smart Search video content search technology indexes every word spoken and every word that appears on-screen in every video in your library — whether or not it was recorded with Panopto. In our sample video, Panopto is capturing every word I show in my Evernote presentation — even after I leave presentation mode — as well as every word I speak while recording with my webcam. Once I share the video on our company’s video library, anyone with access to my folders will be able to search for anything we discuss, find it in seconds, and instantly fast-forward right to that moment and relive the conversation. For conversations where new ideas are shared, it’s a great way to revisit concepts and look again for new ideas and inspiration.

Capturing Everything — Even Outside Presentation Mode
Evernote’s presentation mode is a great way to socialize ideas not yet quite refined enough for traditional slides. But what if you’re still working on those ideas? Evernote can be a great way to digitally whiteboard concepts — and with Panopto, you can still capture that discussion too. Panopto lets you record yourself working in Evernote (even, as we’ve shown in the video, in Evernote extensions like Sticky Notes) and still captures everything in high definition and indexes it all for search.

Making Sharing Easy — and Virtually Instant
As soon as my presentation recording ends, Panopto uploads it, processes it, and makes it shareable with anyone within in seconds. Panopto even automatically transcodes the video, so that anyone with access to the file can watch it on any device from anywhere in the world. Whether my presentation was for distance learning or global strategy, I can use Panopto video to help give every potential attendee the full experience of my presentation and discussion.

Try it today!

Panopto’s video presentation recording software makes it easy to record just about anything — even Evernote’s new presentation mode. Whether you want to record and share a brainstorming session, a formal business proposal, or a complete town hall event broadcast live around the world, Panopto’s video platform can help.

Ready to see how Panopto can make recording and sharing video easy in your organization? Contact our team today for a free trial.