A Custom "YouTube for Business" in Less Than 60 Seconds

Your brand marks, logos, icons, and colors are an essential part of your organization’s identity — welcoming customers, prospects, and partners, and reassuring internal users they’ve come to the right places.

So for most businesses and universities, it only makes sense to extend your brand to your video portal.

That simple need, however, can be no small challenge. Sometimes the video platform doesn’t support custom branding. Other times there simply aren’t resources or in-house expertise to write the custom CSS code required to tailor the look and feel of the portal. All too often, this important customization is cumbersome at best and impossible at worst.

Branding your video platform should be easy.

And that’s just what we’ve done as part of the most recent update to Panopto. Now you can customize your entire video platform in just a few quick clicks — see how it works in our latest feature video.


Panopto makes it easy to tailor the look and feel of your video portal in under a minute. Just upload your logos and tell us your primary brand color — that’s it.

Brand Customization - Panopto Video CMSPanopto will apply your logo and brand colors across your site, instantly customizing your:

  • Video library portal
  • Interactive video player
  • Embedded video player
  • All the controls across your video library

Best of all, the system applies patent-pending technology to ensure your portal always looks its best, even for colors that can be difficult to use within web design. For bright colors, the site automatically makes adjustments to ensure that contrast is maintained and the text on the site is always clear and readable.

See for yourself! Try Panopto free for 30 days and see just how easy it can be to custom brand your entire video platform.

Published: March 28, 2014