Customize every aspect of your internal branded video platform with Panopto

Complete video platform branding.

Custom branding should be more than just adding your logo to the homepage.

With Panopto, your customization extends to your entire video library, from your portal page, interactive video player, and embedded video player, right down to the controls, tabs, and buttons. Additional customization can be done at the folder level, allowing organizations to apply unique branding specifically for academic departments, child brands, and individual business units.

Easily customize your internal branded video platform in less than a minute

The look you want in 60 seconds or less.

Simply upload your logo, pick an accent color, and you’re done. Panopto will customize your video portal and video player controls to reflect your brand identity. No web design expertise required.

Add your branding to Panopto's embedded video player for easy sharing in and outside your corporate portals

Every brand looks good in Panopto.

So your brand color is lemon chiffon (#FFFACD)? No problem. Our patent-pending algorithm adjusts site colors and highlights automatically to ensure that text is always readable and that your video library looks great.