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Forrester: Panopto Has “The Best Support for Video Search”

Yesterday, Forrester Research, Inc. released a new report on considerations when selecting online presentation tools.

In “Pick The Right Webcasting Tool To Drive Customer Or Employee Engagement,” analyst Philipp Karcher makes the case that the goal of webcasting is to maximize audience engagement, and how a webcasting solution can deliver live presentations, with slides, audio, and, video, to a large audience online to support marketing, PR, training, and other corporate communications goals.

The research includes a detailed profile of 18 vendors in the webcasting space, running the gamut from niche service providers to Fortune 500 heavyweights.

So what do we believe set Panopto apart? Support for video search.

Writes Karcher, Panopto “has the best support for video search and indexes content by automated speech recognition, OCR, and ingesting slides.”

When we introduced Smart Search for video content, we knew we had a unique combination of tools that could allow users to quickly search through every recording in their entire video libraries (whether or not the videos were created with Panopto) by any word spoken or any word that appears on-screen, and to instantly fast-forward to the exact relevant moment with a single click.

In our own industry research, we concluded that no other video platform goes deeper or broader than Panopto when it comes to video search. Our Video Platform Video Search Capabilities Comparison Chart shows how Panopto both indexes more actual video content for search than does the rest of the industry, and offers more ways for users to search all that indexed content.

We believe that the latest report from Forrester is yet more support — Panopto has the best support for video search in the industry.

Panopto's video search engine lets you search inside videos for any word spoken or shown on the screenWhile we’re thrilled Forrester has taken note of our video search capability, we’re also excited for the overall focus of the research.

The Case for Webcasting

In his report, Karcher makes the case for webcasting technology as distinct from video conferencing and web conferencing tools. In making the case for webcasting, he identifies the strengths of each as:

  • Video conferencing for small, collaborative meetings
  • Web conferencing for group presentations
  • Webcasting for broadcast presentations to large audiences

Karcher then goes on to offer great insights into the potential value webcasting can drive for organizations, what webcasting features may be valuable depending on your business’s context, and which vendors may be best suited to each. The full report can be found on Forrester’s website (Subscription-based access).

The potential value inherent in webcasting is a topic close to our hearts, and one we’ve explored both in comparison to web conferencing, and as a means to scale your next webinar. It’s also a key part of our white paper — Video is More Than Video Conferencing — which you can download free today.

Webcasting enables your team to broadcast multiple streams of video in high definition live online, to audiences of thousands or even tens of thousands. Unlike video conferencing or web conferencing tools, webcasting doesn’t limit your audience size with attendance ceilings or force attendees to download new software just to attend. And with the right video platform, video of your webcast can be recorded easily and made ready to share publicly on-demand only minutes after your event ends.

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