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Introducing the “12th Cam”

What happens when 700,000 of our closest friends come to downtown Seattle to celebrate our hometown champions? Well if you’re us, you click record.

First, check out the Seahawks victory parade from all around town, in our unique tile viewThe 12th Cam!

Seahawks Parade 12th Cam - Panopto Video Platform_0

Then, check out the 6-hour time lapse view of the day from Panopto’s offices in Seattle’s Smith Tower right down 2nd Ave to CenturyLink Field.


Seahawks Parade Time Lapse - Panopto Video Platform_1

No special camera equipment here – everything above was recorded with either an iPhone, a Logitech webcam, or a Nikon camera, uploaded and shared with Panopto.

Panopto makes it easy for businesses and universities to record, share, and search video from anywhere, anytime, with just about any video equipment. Want to give Panopto a try? Sign up for a free.