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Your Employees Forget 65% of Your Training Materials In Just One Week

About 30 minutes after they finish your training session, your people will remember only 58% of the material you’ve covered, according to WR Hambrecht + Co.

Just 7 days later — one short week — they’ll remember only 35%.

Online Video Training Library image - Panopto Video PlatformIn a world where there’s always another email coming in, another project starting up, and another dozen distractions just around the corner, employees at most organizations simply have too many interests competing for their attention. Which means training professionals need to find new ways to share information — not just to break through the clutter, but to be ready anytime, anywhere an employee may need training materials.

Sound like a superhuman expectation? It doesn’t have to be.

The challenges faced by today’s Learning & Development departments don’t require trainers to change the ways they teach — just how they share.

A corporate video library (sometimes called a video content management system, video CMS, or “internal YouTube”) can help you give your employees anytime access to job-specific training, leveraging the power of video to provide learning materials that are more compelling than a handbook, and more cost-effective than on-location events and seminars.

It’s a great way to ensure your employees always know what they need to know — even the information they may have forgotten the first time they heard it.

8 Ways a Video CMS Can Support Your Employee Training Efforts

  1. Record, webcast, and distribute all of your training videos on-demand, from internal process and program overviews to ongoing professional development courses.
  2. Search across your entire library and inside each video for any word spoken or any word that appears on screen, and automatically fast-forward to the moment where the word appears.
  3. Easily share presentations, webcasts, and more, with automatic encoding that makes it possible to view any video on any device.
  4. Embed quizzes and certification material in any of your training videos so that you can test employee comprehension of key concepts.
  5. Enable employees to jot down notes at specific moments within any live or recorded video for later reference.
  6. Upload existing video content to make it instantly available to employees, partners, and customers for viewing from any device.
  7. Control employee permissions, user administration, and integration with identity providers and learning management systems.
  8. Monitor analytics to track employee completion rates and engagement.

A comprehensive training video library gives your organization an on-demand resource, ready to help teach employees what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Better still, video training can be a great way to both scale your team and reduce costs. Don’t believe it? Just look at IBM — in the two years after transitioning just half of its training to eLearning, the company saved the company a total of $579M over a two year period.

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