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This Week in Ideas Shared with a Panopto Video — May 23, 2014

As we write this edition of our Week in Ideas post from Panopto’s office in Seattle, we along with many of our customers in the United States are looking forward to a 3-day weekend, thanks to a national holiday on Monday.

With a little extra time to enjoy the warmth of Spring, we’re looking forward to taking a moment to learn something new. And fortunately, there’s no shortage of educational and entertaining videos among the latest presentations shared with the Panopto video platform this week.

So in the spirit of passing it on, here are just a few of the ideas shared online this week with Panopto’s multi-camera recording software.

Qualcomm presentation - Panopto Video Platform

The Qualcomm Business Acumen for Engineers Series: Finance for Engineers Interview
As part of the company’s Business Acumen For Engineers series, Qualcomm offers ideas on using the principles of finance for engineers in their daily work. In this interview, the team summarizes the importance of thinking about financial principles and applying those concepts to making business decisions.

AMICAL presentation - Panopto lecture capture platform

Becoming More Than Content: Taking Advantage of the Web as a “Place”
Join the University of Oxford’s David White for his keynote address at the 11th Annual AMICAL (American International Consortium of Academic Libraries) Worldwide Conference. David’s presentation, originally webcast live and available on-demand, details how the web can be used as more than a channel for information, but as a social place of residency where people can work, live, and interact.

Copyright Law presentation thumbnail - Panopto video platform

Copyright Law for Digital Teaching and Learning
The National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education shares this workshop on copyright law as it applies to digital teaching and learning — and should be of interest to any academic, researcher, learning technologist or library staff. This recorded presentation offers ideas for how teachers can be creative in their course design while continuing to comply with copyright law, as well as practical advice for managing copyright issues in the transition from conventional learning to blended learning or e-learning.

Jacked Underground Structures - Panopto Online Presentation Recording

Not Up, Not Down, But Sideways: The history, development, and potential of jacked underground structures
Learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about tunneling and underground construction from James Thomson, and his presentation with the Institution of Structural Engineers. Thomson offers a detailed history of the tools and technology of underground construction, and provides a multitude of examples, both current and historic, of infrastructure made possible by horizontal jacking.

AMICAL conference - Panopto Video Platform

Navigating Through Learners’ Conceptual Spaces Using e-Maps
In our final link of the week, we rejoin the AMICAL conference and presenters Aziza Ellozy and Hoda Mostafa, to find out more about learning and teaching with concept maps and mind maps. This short presentation offers a great case study in helping students to read assignments in depth, and is itself a great example of how Panopto works with single-canvas presentation tools like Prezi too.

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