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This Week In Ideas Shared With A Panopto Video — September 5, 2014

As the new semester gets underway, campuses all over the world are abuzz with fresh faces and fresh ideas. It’s one of the more exciting times of the school year, when the requisite semester-opening business of schedule shifting and syllabi review are wrapped up and the real content of the course begins.

Over the past week, we saw ever more enlightening educational recordings among the latest presentations shared online with Panopto’s video platform. In the spirit of passing it on, here are just a few of those ideas shared with our presentation recording software:

Higher Education Lecture - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Higher Education Teaching Matters
This inaugural lecture by Professor Duncan Lawson, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Formative Education at Newman University, takes a look at how the world of higher education has changed in recent years with the introduction of new classroom technologies and pedagogical methods. Professor Lawson reaffirms the importance of excellent teaching in light of these paradigm shifts in higher education in his inspiring and entertaining lecture.

Liver Transplantation Lecture - Panopto ELearning Video Platform

Organ Transplantation: Implications for Nursing
Did you know that over 120,000 people in the US are currently on a waiting list to receive an organ transplant, with someone added to the wait list every 10 minutes? Colleen Kestel-Branchaw and Kelly Tisdale, Professors of Nursing at Joliet Junior College, discuss these eye-opening statistics and offer insight into the organ transplantation process, in this presentation.

Neurobiology Presentation - Panopto Lecture Capture Platform

Never Mind the NeuroB…S: It’s the Sy-Nap-Ses
This inaugural lecture event recording from the University of Southampton’s Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences takes a witty look into neurobiology and the effects of molecules on the brain and human behavior.

Business Negotiation Lecture - Panopto Video Platform

Introduction to Business Negotiation
Learn the basics of negotiation in this flipped classroom lecture from Widener University’s School of Law, from different negotiation styles to the key elements of maximizing outcome for both parties involved.

Resumes Presentation - Panopto Video Platform

Resumes and Cover Letters
In this presentation, Southern Illinois University’s Career Services department offers clear and practical advice for creating the perfect cover letter and resume. Whether you’re just starting your career, or are updating an existing resume, you’ll be sure to find tips that can help you stand out from a sea of applicants.

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