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This Week In Ideas Shared With Panopto — September 18, 2015

It’s hard not to get inspired when the new school year gets underway. Now that classes have settled in for the semester, the real work of learning has begun. Educators around the world are sharing ideas and creating dialogues, challenging students to think deeper and accomplish more.

Over the past week, we saw ever more informative educational recordings being shared online with Panopto’s video platform. In the spirit of passing it on, here are just a few ideas shared with our presentation recording software.
Electromagnetic Waves - Panopto Video Platform

Electromagnetic Waves
Join UC Santa Barbara professor Roger Freedman as he sheds light on the subject of light: what it is, its electric and magnetic aspects, and how the physics of waves applies to light waves.
Early Psychosis Symposium - Panopto Video Platform

Early Psychosis: Prevention and Early Intervention
The Behavioral Health Centers of Excellence at UC Davis and UCLA held the inaugural Statewide Science Informing Policy Symposium this week in Sacramento, bringing together mental health experts from all over the state. Sit in on these fascinating presentations on the latest research in psychotic disorders, implementing mental health services in community-based settings, and implications on health policy.
Building an Effective CV - Panopto Video Platform

Crafting an Effective CV
For job seekers, a great CV (or resume) can help you stand out from the rest of the pack. To learn what makes an effective CV and land an interview for your dream job, be sure to watch this recording from the University of Southampton.

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