Include video in your Saba courses with Panopto

Include video in your Saba courses.

Panopto makes it easy to embed videos into any course in your Saba LMS. Recordings already stored in your Panopto library can be embedded with just a few clicks. New videos can be uploaded and embedded into courses easily. And with built-in support for HTML5, all videos can be viewed in any web browser without the need for plugins.

Embed videos in Saba streams, channels, and modules with Panopto

Embed videos in Saba streams, channels, and modules.

Help employees find the information and expertise they need to work more productively. Add Panopto videos anywhere in your Saba activity streams, video channels, and other informal learning modules.

Simplified streaming to any device.

With most video learning tools, the challenge only begins once you’ve finished a recording. You’re left with an enormous file on your desktop and few answers for how to share and stream it. Panopto makes this easy. Create or curate videos of any size and file type, and Panopto will automatically convert them for network-friendly streaming and optimal playback on any device.

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Single sign-on with user-specific analytics.

Once an employee has logged into your Saba environment, they’ll automatically be authenticated to Panopto as well. There, Panopto’s analytics track viewing behavior so trainers and managers can always know who’s watched what.

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