HLS Video Streaming with Panopto efficiently delivers video over your WAN

Get to know modern video streaming.

Efficiently delivering video over your WAN used to require custom protocols, overlay networks, and specialized streaming servers. Panopto takes a different approach to streaming video. By using modern HTTP-based streaming, our platform helps you scale the delivery of video content on your network at a lower cost.

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WANOp integration with Riverbed, Blue Coat, Silver Peak, Cisco, and Citrix

Efficient video delivery using your existing WANop infrastructure.

Already invested in WAN optimization? Panopto integrates with WANop solutions from Riverbed, Blue Coat, Silver Peak, Cisco, Citrix, and others. As long as your WANop provider supports HTTP caching, Panopto enables you to efficiently stream live and on-demand video using your existing infrastructure.

WANop not in your budget?

We’ve still got you covered.

An enterprise content delivery network (ECDN) can reduce latency and buffering, speed up video start time, and reduce the amount of WAN bandwidth consumed by video on your network. Other video platform vendors charge extra for ECDNs that cache video content in remote offices. We believe that efficient video streaming should be included as a core feature of the platform. So we offer the Panopto ECDN at no additional cost to our customers.

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