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4 Alternative Ways To Use Your Lecture Capture Platform

Did you know that lecture capture systems can be used for more than recording and streaming lectures? Innovative universities are finding different ways to bring video into the learning environment using the lecture capture capabilities already at their disposal.

1. Flipping the Classroom

The flipped classroom is one of the hottest trends in education. It’s a form of blended learning in which a student is exposed to new material outside of class, usually through an online presentation or recorded lecture. Class time is then used to apply the material through discussion and problem-solving. Professors at Eastern Michigan University have been flipping their classes since 2009, resulting in increased student engagement and more in-depth discussion during class time.

2. Student Recording

Professors aren’t the only ones getting in front of the camera. At Butler University in Indianapolis, students in their College of Pharmacy and Health Science’s Physician Assistant program record themselves interacting with standardized patients using an iPad. Professors use the recordings to assess student performance and give individual feedback. Meanwhile, students taking public speaking courses at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business record their own presentations so that they can hone their presentation techniques.

3. Faculty Training

Lecture capture doesn’t have to be just for students. Recorded lectures can be viewed by instructors to reflect on their teaching style and find which aspects work well and which have room for improvement. At John Leggott College in the United Kingdom, professors are flipping the filming process and recording the students during class, enabling instructors to evaluate which discussions and classroom activities keep their students the most engaged.

4. Live Streaming

Educational institutions can use the webcasting functionality within lecture capture platforms like Panopto to live stream events across campus and over the internet. Creighton University uses their lecture capture platform to broadcast “Match Day,” a yearly event in which 4th-year medical students all over the nation learn where they will begin their residencies. By streaming this event, the families all over the world were able to watch as their loved ones learn where their careers would begin. And at Lancaster University in England, professors are live broadcasting popular courses to fulfill student demand and ease crowding in full lecture halls.

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