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7 Things Businesses Can Learn About Video from Universities

We’ve all heard the stereotype – when it comes to the latest technology, schools are chronically ten years behind on what’s happening in the office.

Except when they’re ten years ahead.

That’s just where we’re at today with video. Schools have been capturing lectures for later viewing, live streaming events, recording flipped classroom lessons, and more for the better part of a decade.

Businesses have only just now started down that path – with all the same use cases, just with different names. Don’t believe us?

So what are the seven challenges to doing video well – and affordably – that a decade of experience has taught universities how to handle?

  1. The Hardware Issue
  2. The Videographer Dilemma
  3. Fragmented Video Solutions
  4. Video Chaos
  5. Network Capacity Issues
  6. Scalability Limitations
  7. The Video Search Problem

So how did universities solve these challenges? Check out our presentation, “7 Things Every Enterprise Can Learn About Video from Universities” to find out.


What Businesses Can Learn About Video From Universities – Panopto Video Platform from Panopto