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Collecting Knowledge from Engineers All Over the World to Share with the Next Generation

In 2013, Industrial Training International (ITI) sought to replicate their highly-specialized training curriculum to a larger audience through online training.

With a team of experienced subject matter experts ready to teach and certified training centers ready to provide students with first-hand experience in the field, ITI had the know how to produce the specialized skills their customers needed. Now they just needed the tools to capture their experts’ knowledge to share with a broader group of students.

Wanting to deliver a best-in-class learning experience, ITI researched the learning technology used by leading colleges and universities to record lectures, flip classrooms and provide training to their administrative staff. In short order, ITI discovered Panopto — and discovered a flexible, software-based video platform with which they could record and curate video content from instructors scattered around the globe, manage and edit those recordings in the cloud, and easily share them with students just as easily.

Empowering Instructors to Teach Beyond the Classroom, No Matter Where They Were in the World

Instead of booking travel arrangements for all of their trainers to meet in a central location, ITI deployed Panopto’s desktop recorder to each of its trainer’s laptop computers, giving each the ability to record virtually anything from virtually anywhere. Instead of asking instructors to take additional time to record a lecture specially for the eLearning class, instructors were simply asked to capture the lectures they were already conducting.

Panopto’s desktop recording software made it easy for anyone — from novice to expert — to capture video, audio, screen recordings, and presentations slides, instantly creating complete, professional video presentations. With Panopto, trainers could record with just about any device that could be plugged into a laptop — from professional-grade camcorders to simple webcams, as well as specialized recorders like document cameras, mobile tablets and smartphones, and even specialized wearable devices designed for onsite recording.

For the trainer, using Panopto was simple — they just opened Panopto, clicked record, and taught. Panopto took care of all of the heavy lifting, automatically uploading every recording to a secure, centralized video library, transcoding the file for optimal playback on any device, and indexing the recording to make it searchable.

Just a few short minutes after a recording was complete in São Paulo, Brazil, the learning team had access to trainer presentations in their office outside of Portland, Oregon.

With recordings in hand, they used Panopto’s simple video editing tools to divide the videos up according to the new course curriculum, quickly adding tables of contents, captions, and slide resources to each lesson.

“In just a few months we captured nearly 100 hours of lectures from all over the world — down in Brazil, up in Canada, and all over the U.S. And since everything happens inside Panopto, managing the whole process from start to finish is simple.” – Christina Lanham, Manager of E-Learning and Digital Services

Find Out How a Global Training Organization Effortlessly Created a New Service to Train a New Workforce of Specialized Engineers

Through the simple act of recording their top teaching talent, the team at Industrial Training International filled a market hole, creating a new service with minimal resources. Panopto helped them leverage the knowledge of their experts, expand their services and help ensure that the world’s bridges and cranes stay standing.

In every industry, the baby boomer generation is retiring and younger works are coming in to replace them. Through video knowledge capture, your organization can feel confident that when an expert leaves, their knowledge and expertise remain behind.

To learn more about how ITI created an online branch of their industry-leading training service using Panopto’s award-winning lecture capture and video content management system, download the case study now.