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How do you find the video platform that’s right for your organization?

woman-typing-close-up_600x400_aThe market for enterprise video platforms is expanding rapidly as video content becomes an intrinsic part of employee onboarding and training, sales enablement, corporate communication, and social knowledge sharing. In this environment, selecting a vendor can be a complex, time-consuming project that involves in-depth feature-by-feature comparisons and sorting through industry jargon.

To simplify this process, we’ve developed a top ten list of the most important inquiries to include in your request for proposal (RFP). Use this checklist to sort through the contenders and identify capabilities that will address your organization’s needs now and into the future.

  1. Are all spoken and written words automatically indexed for search?
  2. List the specific steps to record a video and share it so it is ready to view by the right people.
  3. Itemize the hardware required to record, live stream, upload, manage, and view videos.
  4. List each specific step that a user must take to stream a live presentation.
  5. How many video inputs can be simultaneously captured or live streamed in a presentation?
  6. How can the look and feel of video platform be customized? What are the capabilities of the API?
  7. List all features that are included in the core license price, and those features which are add-ons.
  8. How are recordings protected against data center outages and equipment failures?
  9. How does the video platform scale with ongoing growth and spikes in user demand?
  10. Describe the native mobile apps that provide support for searching, watching, and uploading video.

video-rfp-flyer_blog-icon_600x776_aDo you need to save and share this information with your colleagues? Download the flyer here.

If you’re planning to buy an enterprise video platform for your business, contact a member of the Panopto team today to schedule a demo or request a free trial.