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Record Meetings Using Panopto

How to record meetings with Panoptos video platformIn every business, meetings are an important way for colleagues to share ideas, brainstorm, and hash out details for getting work done. Unfortunately, many of the ideas shared during meetings are often lost in meeting recap emails that are not only time consuming to write, but are also often overlooked in employees’ ever-growing email Inboxes.

Why should the value of a meeting end when the discussion does?

At Panopto, we’re finding that more and more of our clients are using our video platform to record their meetings, ensuring that the ideas and information shared are captured and made available to employees across the organization.

Record Meetings? Why Would Anyone Do That?

In our discussions with clients, we’ve found that there are three main motivations behind bringing video to their meeting rooms:

  1. No more missed meetings: Recording meeting sessions means that no one has to miss a discussion. The video can be shared with employees that weren’t able to attend due to scheduling conflicts or geographic distance, so that everyone has access to the same information.
  2. Keep records of the decision-making process: All too often, alternative ideas shared during meetings are lost when a decision is made. Meeting videos can serve as a documentation of other ideas considered, as well as insight into how decisions were ultimately made. If needed, teams can return to the initial discussion to find ideas that weren’t ready to execute at the time that can now be evaluated to help projects grow.
  3. Reduce the need for note taking: Important points brought up during meetings can often be missed simply because attendees were focused on writing down a previous point. With video, employees can participate more fully in a discussion knowing they can use inside video search to go back to any points they’ve missed. And the video can also provide a meeting summary, reducing the need for creating lengthy post-meeting follow-up emails.


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And here at Panopto, we use our video platform to record every type of meeting, from small intra-department chats to company-wide all-hands meetings, so that everyone is kept up-to-date.


How To Record A Meeting Using Panopto

With Panopto, recording meetings is easy — and you can get started with as little as your iPhone, iPad, or laptop and its onboard webcam.

First, if there’s time before your meeting, scope out your meeting room before the rest of the attendees arrive and get set up to record. Open up your Panopto recorder (available for Windows and Mac, as well as through Panopto Mobile for iOS), and make sure that your camera is pointed towards the area you’d like to capture.

If you’re using Panopto’s desktop recorder application, we suggest performing a quick sound check by speaking in the areas of the room where your meeting attendants will be sitting and confirming that your microphone is adequately picking up the sound. Sound quality can make the difference between having a useful recording and a not-so-useful one, so you’ll definitely want to ensure that everyone can be heard. For additional help with audio, check out our presentation audio recording tips blog post.

Once you’re comfortable with your video and audio settings, you’re free to start recording. Simply press the Record button, and commence your meeting. Once your meeting ends, click the Stop Recording button. Your meeting video is uploaded into your company’s Panopto video library where it is automatically encoded for streaming to any device and made available to members of your organization.

Additionally, with Panopto, any word spoken during your meeting can be indexed and made searchable, so that anyone who missed a specific point or action item can search for an exact word or phrase, then be taken to that precise point during the meeting.

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Ready To Record Your Meetings?

Panopto makes it easy to record and share your meetings — using the laptop or smartphone you already have. Try Panopto free today and find out why more and more organizations are capturing their meetings with video.