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Video Content Search with Panopto Smart Search

As video becomes an increasingly important method of communication and learning in the workplace, the volume of video content stored on corporate networks has grown exponentially over the last few years. And with the influx of corporate video comes the problem of how to find specific content within a growing video library. Searching for specific video content required either watching an entire video, or by skipping back and forth to hunt through the video’s timeline.

Compounding this problem was the time it took to search for specific content within longer recordings, such as training sessions or event videos. Considering that the average knowledge worker spends 19% of the work week simply searching for information to do his or her job effectively, the ability to quickly and efficiently locate content can be a key component in helping employees be as productive as possible during their time at work.

Thus, the need for inside-video search was born.

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Traditionally, video search had been limited to manually-entered metadata such as tags or titles. Realizing the importance of video search, one of Panopto’s primary design goals has always been to boost the indexability of video content. To this end, we started by incorporating additional data, including ingested text from presentation slides and user-generated notes, to help viewers quickly find specific content within a recorded presentation.

This year, we expanded on our inside-video search capability by introducing Panopto Smart Search, the industry’s most comprehensive video content search functionality. With Smart Search, searching through your entire video library for specific content is as easy as searching through your email. When you capture a video using Panopto’s video recording software, or you upload a pre-recorded video into your Panopto video library, the system uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automatically index and time-stamp every word that’s spoken or displayed on-screen. Searching for a specific word or phrase will automatically fast-forward the video to the exact point in the video presentation that contains your search term. Whether you’re looking for something a presenter said, a concept that appeared in a PowerPoint slide, or text captured by a camera, Panopto will find it and take you to the relevant points in the video.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? To see Smart Search in action, watch our video below to view a demo, or click here to try it for yourself.



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