Sales Enablement Tip: Use Video for Informal Knowledge Sharing

Over the past few years, sales training has been undergoing a sea change.

Until recently, traditional sales training processes focused primarily on methodology and were delivered through formal instructor-led training, playbooks, and brochures.

Not only were these methods paperwork-intensive and time-consuming to deliver, they also limited salespeople from quickly locating updated information to prepare for sales calls and meetings. According to a 2009 study by IDC, the average salesperson spent 7 hours — almost one whole day — per week just searching for relevant information to prepare for sales calls.

In response, more enterprises have begun looking for tools to improve the agility and effectiveness of their sales organizations — transforming traditional sales training to into a new alignment between sales and marketing known as sales enablement.

In a sales enablement practice, ensuring sales teams have instant on-demand access to the latest product information, competitive intelligence, and best practices is critical. But parsing printed handbooks and waiting for scheduled seminars only slows your reps’ ability to find the specific information they need.

To clear that hurdle, high-performing companies have instead turned to video, creating rich, searchable libraries to ensure that their sales representatives on the front lines have anytime, anywhere access to training. Product demonstrations, recorded role-playing scenarios, and process update videos can all be uploaded to a “Corporate YouTube” that sales reps in the field can access and search through from their mobile phones and tablets.

Yet video for sales enablement doesn’t have to be limited to top-down training. Sales reps can share breaking knowledge with colleagues more effectively through video as well. Video can help team members quickly capture ideas, relay time-sensitive information, and share best practices — whether they’re in front of their laptop with a built-in webcam at work, or on the road with an iPhone.

To see just how easy informal knowledge sharing can be, take a look at our latest video. Armed with only an iPhone and a few moments to share, it’s a great example of how a sales team could benefit from using Panopto in the field.

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Published: May 29, 2014