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You Waste A Whole Day Every Week Doing This

19 percent. That’s how much of the work week the average knowledge worker spends just searching for information to do their job effectively, according to research from McKinsey and IDC.

That’s one whole day, every week, lost to digging for internal information or tracking down colleagues for specific insight.

And for many organizations, that’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Why? Because more and more of the data we create is “unstructured”. IDC already estimates that 90% of digital information created is unstructured, and Gartner believes that this unstructured data is growing at a speed 5 times that of structured data.

A big driver for that spike in unstructured data? Video.

As video technology moves out of the silo of the specialists and into everyone’s laptops and smartphones, more and more organizations have started using video to capture demos and meetings, scale onboarding and training, simplify executive communications, personalize support communications, and more.

Yet for many businesses, this shift to video simply results in a lot of large files filled with valuable information but scattered across SharePoints and corporate networks without much (if any) searchable metadata appended to actually help other employees find them.

That organizational mess is why we have to spend so much of our time just searching for information.

How can you stop wasting so much time and reclaim your work day?

Answer: Start storing video knowledge in a platform that makes it easy to search videos.

Panopto was built with the industry’s most comprehensive way to search the actual content of every video in your library — from every word spoken to every word that appears on screen and more.

Now, even organizations swimming in thousands or tens of thousands of hours of video can quickly find and fast-forward to exactly the moment they need — in seconds, not hours.

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Many of our customers tell us that as video search allows their employees to find more information more efficiently in existing video, they see the beginnings of a “virtuous cycle” — with more employees recording and sharing more insight, ideas, and intelligence, knowing their expertise will be able to be found.

Want to see how smarter video search can improve the way your organization shares information — and saves you time? Watch the video below:



Search Videos As Easily As You Search The Web

Panopto’s Smart Search video search technology is the industry’s most comprehensive inside-video search engine. With Panopto, you can search through your video library the same way you’d search across the internet, or through your email.

  • By any keyword spoken in your videos, with automatic speech recognition (ASR)
  • By any word that ever appears on-screen or anywhere else in your video, with optical character recognition (OCR) and Slide Content Ingestion,
  • By traditional and advanced metadata, including tags and titles, viewer notes and comments,
  • And optionally, by complete manual transcriptions of your video content.

To try Panopto’s video search engine for yourself, contact our team today for a free trial.