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Panopto Ranks Among the Top Video Learning Platforms and Learning Management Systems for 2015

Today, we’re excited to announce that Panopto has been recognized as one of the top technologies for online learning by Craig Weiss, the CEO of E-Learning 24/7 and one of the ten most influential people in corporate e-learning. 2015 Top Video Learning Platform - Panopto Video Platform

Now in its fourth year, the report provides an overview of 50 top-performing online learning platforms. The winners were selected from 645 technologies that are tracked and reviewed on the E-Learning 24/7 blog. Technologies were assessed across 15 criteria, including support for mobile learning (m-learning), speed of innovation, user interface, developer APIs, and customer service. As a video learning platform (VLP), Panopto was recognized for its frequent product updates, support for extensibility through freely-available APIs, native apps for iOS and Android, and its integrated tools for recording, live webcasting, managing, and searching video.

E-Learning 24/7 defines video learning platforms as being built on two key components:

  • Video capture
  • Video content management

Video capture can take place through hardware- or software-based solutions. These solutions support live streaming and on-demand capture of video, automatic publishing of videos, and synchronization of slides with a video presentation.

The video content management system (VCMS) provides a media library for audio and video files of any size, a folder-based hierarchy for organizing media files, automatic encoding of media for playback on any device, integration with learning management systems, analytics, access control, video search, sharing, HTML5 playback, and a choice between cloud-hosted and on-premises deployment.

For information on Panopto’s support for these capabilities, click one of the links below:
Recording Video Presentations - Panopto Video Learning Platform
Recording Video Presentations

Our video recording software for Windows and Mac makes it easy to capture HD video of your presenter, their slides, and any other content that appears on their screen.

Learn more about creating online presentations.


Live Webcasting - Panopto Video Learning Platform
Live Webcasting

With one additional click in our Windows recording software, any on-demand video presentation can be turned into a live stream to internal or external audiences.

Learn more about live webcasting.


Video Management - Panopto Video Learning Platform
Video Management

Store your videos securely in the cloud or on-premises. Our web-based video content management system makes it easy to centralize all of your videos and stream them to any device.

Learn more about the video CMS.


Analytics and Reporting - Panopto Video Learning Platform
Analytics and Reporting

Panopto’s reports provide metrics on your video library and individual viewing behavior. Get detailed reports on audience engagement and drop-off rates for every video in your library.

Learn more about video analytics.


API - Panopto Video Learning Platform
Platform API

Extend our video platform to meet the needs of your existing business processes and IT infrastructure using code written in any language.

Learn more about the Panopto API.


Inside Video Search - Panopto Video Learning Platform
Video Search

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive way to search inside your video content. Search for any word that is spoken or shown in any video and fast forward to that precise moment in one click.

Learn more about Panopto “Smart Search.”


Playback - Panopto Video Learning Platform
Video Playback

Panopto includes an interactive video player that lets you search inside your videos, navigate using chapters or captions, bookmark key points in the video, and more.

Learn more about Panopto’s video players.



The report can be purchased at the E-Learning 24/7 website.

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