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Stop Wasting Money On Compliance Training

“I love doing compliance training!” said no one ever.

Every employee in every organization has encountered compliance training. While the specifics covered will vary across industries, any given session may include legal regulations, safety and security, professional ethics, internal policies and procedures, and more.

Companies provide compliance and regulatory training in order to manage the cost and risks that may arise from improper conduct on the part of their workforce.

As often as not, however, the traditional mandatory “read and agree” approach common to most compliance training only serves to check the box. Your legal team may be happy, but you’re doing your company and your people a disservice when your compliance training materials still allow busy employees to mindlessly rush through the material so they can get back to work.

Stop wasting time and money on compliance training that isn’t effective.

Compliance training – if done right – creates a strategic advantage that minimizes operational and financial risk. Leaders responsible for compliance within an organization need no justification for investing in better compliance training programs. Success is measured by what doesn’t happen, which can include fines, lawsuits, reputation damage, lost business and more. And in some cases, noncompliance with safety procedures can mean life or death.

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Okay – compliance training is really important. But what is the best strategy for getting employees to internalize information that is paramount to doing business?

It’s time to move away from the checkbox approach to compliance training and start working with senior leadership to create a values-based culture of compliance.  A recent report from the LRN Corporation showed that 97% of organizations that focused on building a values-based culture of compliance demonstrated distinct financial advantages over time compared to their competitors. This suggests that the best way to influence compliant workplace behavior is to focus more on organizational values and less on specific rules.

Companies working to build a culture of compliance find greater success when they take a holistic approach to communications, leveraging all available channels to communicate and share compliance topics throughout their organizations. But one format in particular is proving to be invaluable when it comes to compliance – video.

 3 Ways You Can Build a Culture of Compliance With Video

There is plenty of advice detailing what you need to build a culture of compliance, but you’ll find far less information regarding how to do it. Video offers a unique format to help organizations embed a culture of compliance company-wide, from leveraging leadership to inspiring social learning. The following are three ways you can utilize video to build a culture of compliance throughout your organization, maximizing compliance and minimizing risk.

1. Involve Leadership

Executive leadership sets the culture within an organization – not by decree, but by example – so it goes without saying that the leadership team within your company must set expectations and communicate milestones for your risk management & compliance programs. Regardless of the size of your organization, video is an essential asset to leadership teams who want to be more visible and transparent, and thus more effective at leading cultural change. How can leadership can leverage video to build a culture of compliance?


2. Rethink Internal Communications

Communicating is more effective when you can show, rather than tell. And when it comes to rather mundane communications, such as compliance information, a conversational video can greatly improve employee engagement.

Your compliance program must engage employees so they internalize and apply critical information – if you aren’t already using video to improve internal compliance communications, now is a good time to start! Here are a few ways to leverage video communications to improve the effectiveness of your compliance program:

  • Share video highlighting milestones and accomplishments in your compliance program
  • Show how compliance aligns and supports company goals
  • Record video of leaders throughout the organization explaining why compliance matters
  • Personalize compliance updates by geographical region in short, localized videos
  • Recognize employees who exemplify your culture of compliance in a video


3. Innovate The Way You Educate

Video has changed the game for corporate learning and development professionals. There is plenty of data to support the value of using video for employee training, and new blended learning methods are proven to improve engagement and retention. Use video to change the tone of your compliance training, offer trainees more flexibility to understand new compliance issues, and grab their attention with new video-based training formats. Try the following video-based learning methods to achieve both regulatory compliance and operational competency within your organization:

  • Employ microlearning, a strategy that breaks long compliance training into smaller bursts of knowledge to improve retention
  • Improve the tone of compliance training by showing specific situations to employees that teach the risks and outcomes of noncompliance, as opposed to telling them dos and don’ts
  • Encourage on-demand social learning by sharing focused, one-topic compliance training videos in a searchable CMS, LMS or video content management system
  • Achieve competency by quizzing employees on complex scenarios that force them to think critically about compliance situations they may encounter
  • Personalize or customize relevant compliance training for individual departments by having leaders record and share their knowledge or experience with a specific topic
  • Offer mobile learning options and other training formats that give employees more flexibility to learn and complete new training


Experience Compliance Training With Panopto


Engaging employees in critical compliance training is often a pain point for both trainers and trainees, but it doesn’t have to be. Utilizing the right tools and engaging the right people within your organization can help your company build an effective and sustainable compliance program. As you work to implement systemic processes that create an agile culture of compliance, consider the many ways you can utilize video to give your organization a long-term strategic advantage.


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