Panopto Announces New Collaboration Features for Rapid Knowledge Sharing

Tags, sharing interesting moments in a video, and subscriptions enable users to easily find the content they want inside their institution’s secure video library

SEATTLE — Dec. 17, 2020.  Panopto, the leading video management system provider for enterprise and higher education, announced new features that make it easy for users to discover and share knowledge through on-demand videos and meeting recordings.  Creators now have powerful ways to increase visibility of their videos, and viewers now have easy ways to follow creators and topics of interest to them.

With the rapid rise of remote workforces and distance learning, secure video has quickly become an essential collaboration medium.  Users need simple ways to quickly discover and share important knowledge.  The new features include:

  • TagsContent creators and administrators can now apply tags to videos and manage the set of tags available on their site. From the library and the viewer interfaces, users can see the tags applied to each video and find other tagged videos with a single click.
  • Sharing moments in a video. Viewers can easily share a link to a specific point in a video right from the viewer interface.  As long as the sharing recipient has permission to view the video, they will be taken to the exact moment in the video that was shared.  This feature is especially useful for employees and students collaborating on projects or sharing moments from recorded meetings.
  • Subscriptions.  Viewers can now subscribe to secure videos from specific creators, tags, and folders, surfacing the content that is most important to them right on their homepage. Video tagging and subscriptions enable rapid knowledge sharing and discovery within Panopto


“Panopto helps organizations build and manage private video libraries,” said Eric Burns, Panopto’s CEO.  “Building rich, engaging libraries depends on giving video creators easy ways to tag videos and helping viewers find and subscribe to interesting content.  Panopto’s new tagging and subscription features make it even easier for people to share their knowledge and reach their audiences.”

Additional information about these and other features in Panopto’s latest release can be found here.

About Panopto

Panopto helps businesses and universities create secure, searchable video libraries of their institutional knowledge. Since 2007, the company has been a pioneer in video capture software, video management, and inside-video-search technology. Today, Panopto’s video management system is the largest repository of expert learning videos in the world. Headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Pittsburgh, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney, Panopto has received industry recognition for its innovation, rapid growth, and company culture. For more information, visit