Panopto Brings Market-Leading Media Capture to iOS

Company continues its impressive pace of innovation with the release of Panopto 4.1

SEATTLE, Jan. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – Panopto, Inc. released a new version of its popular media capture and management software today, introducing a range of new functionality for education and corporate customers.

Highlights of the Panopto 4.1 release include:

  • A new iOS app that allows users to view, search, and record Panopto media on iPhones and iPads;
  • Expanded learning management system (LMS) integration through support for Basic LTI;
  • The ability for students to record and submit Panopto media for class assignments;
  • Active Directory integration with cloud-hosted installations of Panopto;
  • Screen capture support on multi-monitor systems;
  • New management tools for usage monitoring and activity logging.

One of the most anticipated features in Panopto 4.1 is the new iOS app, which will soon be available in the iTunes App store.   The app brings video search, improved viewing, note taking, and recording to the mobile platform.  Users will be able to capture and share content on the fly with their iPhones and iPads, or use them as a video source for more complex presentations that include slides, screen capture, and additional video streams.  Users will also be able to take notes on their iOS device and embed them directly into a presentation.

“Mobile devices and low-cost video capture hardware are transforming the way academic institutions and enterprises record and share information,” said Eric Burns, Panopto’s co-founder and Chief Product Officer.  “With the release of Panopto 4.1, we’re helping organizations take advantage of this trend – bringing media capture and management to iPhones and iPads, while providing tight integration with their existing back-end systems.”

In the 4.1 release, Panopto is able to integrate with a wider range of learning management systems, thanks to support for Basic LTI.  Basic LTI is an emerging industry standard for LMS interoperability.  It allows users of compliant systems, such as Instructure, Desire2Learn, and Sakai, to access Panopto content directly from their LMS in one click.

“Panopto’s support for the Learning Tool Interoperability standard is a great step forward for Instructure and Panopto customers,” said Devlin Daley, co-Founder and CTO at Instructure. “Together, we’re breaking down walled gardens and showing that best-of-breed platforms can be integrated without sacrificing the user experience. Simplifying the connection between Panopto and Instructure Canvas lets faculty focus on teaching and not on the tools.”

For educators and trainers, new student recording functionality is included in Panopto 4.1.  This allows students to record and submit their own Panopto media for instructor evaluation.  Instructors can then use Panopto’s powerful notes functionality to provide time-stamped feedback throughout each student’s presentation.

“Panopto’s investment in mobile and student recording will allow students to engage more deeply with their learning and ultimately lead to higher achievement,” said Eric Kuennen, AVP Business Development Manager of Pearson Learning Solutions, which distributes Panopto to private sector and other higher education institutions.  “This latest version complements our mission to increase access to personalized, flexible learning options for students.”

Additional details on Panopto 4.1 can be found at the Panopto blog.