University Students Watched Over Three Billion Minutes Of Video On Panopto This Fall

Growth of on-demand video skyrockets this fall as universities expand distance learning beyond Zoom.  Class video recordings are up 311% since last semester, with over three billion minutes of on-demand video streamed this semester.  Over 37% of students who participate in a live, synchronous class are re-watching classes later on their own.

SEATTLE – Dec. 21, 2020 – Panopto, the leading video management system provider for higher education, today released data that shows a dramatic rise in the use of on-demand technologies for distance learning in higher education. Professors, students, and administrators have quickly adopted these new learning models.

Distance learning has evolved rapidly from the live-only, Zoom-bombed, stopgap solutions of Spring 2020.  Since then, students increasingly “time-shift” distance learning to fit their own schedule and pace. On-demand class video recordings around the world have increased 311% in Fall 2020 since the Spring 2020 semester.  Compared with Fall 2019, class recordings have increased 522% year over year.  With over three billion minutes streamed so far this semester, students and professors are using on-demand videos as an essential part of their curriculum.

New data shows that students are adapting their learning methods to on-demand video.  Over 37% of students who participate in a live, synchronous class are re-watching classes later on their own.

To make their on-demand classes engaging and effective, more often than not professors are recording multiple inputs simultaneously.  STEM professors often teach with demonstrations, while liberal arts professors typically use PowerPoint presentations. New data shows that over 50% of college classes are now recorded with at least two source inputs, such as camera views of the professor, camera views of a whiteboard, computer screen views, and document camera views of books and objects.  Students can then choose which video streams to view during on-demand playback, including all of them at once.

Students now use interactive video features in more than 17% of all class recordings consumed. One of the advantages of on-demand video is that professors can teach with a full range of instructional modes beyond conventional webcam and screen sharing during a live Zoom call.  Interactive video capabilities include taking private notes at key points within a video, answering quizzes embedded in videos, bookmarking specific locations in a lecture, and group discussions within a video.

“The pandemic has created both challenges and opportunities for educators:  though many face difficult new constraints, they have also shown incredible adaptability and innovation.” said Eric Burns, CEO of Panopto. “The huge increase in students’ use of recorded video shows how they value both live and on-demand modes of learning.  Panopto is proud to have the opportunity to help all educators as we learn together during this mass experiment in online education.”

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