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How Video Creates a Competitive Advantage For Law Firms

Expertise will always be the heart of the legal profession. Firms will continue to stake their reputations to the proficiency of their partners and the skilled know-how of their bench.

9 Ways The Legal Industry Uses Video to Succeed - Panopto Video PlatformToday, however, we are rapidly approaching the limit on how far individual intelligence can be applied without assistance. For leading firms, now is the time to identify new ways to help manage, scale, extend, and amplify the knowledge upon which they’ve built their businesses.

Video is helping law firms make their expertise more accessible — extending into new markets and acquisitions, preserving and sharing the knowledge of partners, onboarding new hires and supporting the needs of a multi-generational workplace, and even facilitating new trends in work-life balance. So how are modern law firms using video today?

Enabling Efficient eDiscovery for Video Files

Identifying, collecting, producing, and reviewing electronically stored information and content required for audits and lawsuits has become an essential service offering many law firms. Previously video represented a unique challenge — impossible to search the same way you might a document or webpage. Panopto solves that challenge, indexing virtually every word spoken or shown in a video, and making video search much more efficient.

Replaying Interviews, Discussions, and Conversations

Recording client interactions as permitted enables the members of your firm to quickly sift through each conversation on-demand as needed. With Panopto, meetings can be easily captured with just about any video recording device. And because Panopto indexes and time-stamps every word spoken in a recording, lawyers can quickly find and review any part of that conversation without sorting through a mountain of paper notes.

Preserving and Extending Internal Expertise

In the legal industry more so than most, many subject areas are fraught with complexity — vague laws, contradictory precedent, and rapidly evolving real-world applications are critical nuances that great legal teams use to win cases and claims. Video offers a better option to helping firms capture, preserve, and share the expertise that they depend on to establish their reputations as the best minds in the business. With video, specialists can record their insights for later reference — ready for the next generation of in-house experts to learn from.

Supporting and Training Employees

When it comes to supporting organizational training, video is a flexible tool that can support and scale virtually any application — for just about any audience. Video can extend existing corporate classrooms, allowing internal learning and development teams to easily scale and share essential compliance training or technology updates — and make it available on-demand, anytime and anywhere for anyone to learn from.

Communicating Firm Information and Culture

Today’s firms rely on video for help in managing their cultures and sharing the heritage that makes their offices unique. Video can expedite executive communications — making quarterly results, internal announcements, and any other message easier to create and more engaging to view than a typical email. And for those dramatic shifts in corporate structure, video can be a crucial tool for bringing a newly acquired firm into the fold, or improving communications between the home office and new satellite locations.

Establishing Credibility Through Thought Leadership

Content marketing has won enthusiastic support in the legal community as a scalable marketing initiative with a high ROI. Yet content must stand out in order to make an impact, and that’s where video again can assist. More compelling than text and more engaging than a brochure, video is the secret to helping content marketing get noticed. The data is compelling — studies have shown when a video appears on a webpage, 3 in 5 visitors will watch the recording before they read even one word of text.

Supporting A Virtual Workplace

Across every industry, the modern workplace is changing. Gone is the era of the 9 to 5 office. More than ever before, firms have been tasked with enabling employees to work the schedules that meet their own needs. With video, firms can support anytime, anywhere training and communications, as well as live-stream events and meetings over the web, enabling their people to achieve work-life balance and still get things done.

A Secure, Searchable Video Library

No matter how law firms use video most often, in the end, nearly every one creates a library of video files in the process. Panopto is the only video platform that integrates best-of-breed recording and webcasting technology with a secure video library and a unique video search engine that makes finding information inside your videos as easy as searching for content in an email or document.

Learn More About How Video Supports Law Firms

In our latest white paper, 9 Ways Today’s Legal Industry Uses Video to Succeed in a Changing Market, we’ll take a deeper look into how video is helping law firms make their expertise more agile — extending cultures into new markets, new nations, and new acquisitions, preserving and sharing the expertise of partners, onboarding new hires and supporting the needs of a multi-generational workplace, and better engaging prospects and clients in order to create a competitive advantage.

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