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Never Miss the Perfect Angle Again

One of the things that sets professional event recordings and on-camera interviews apart is the use of multiple cameras. During a keynote presentation, different cameras can add depth by capturing the speaker from a variety of angles. During an interview, the use of multiple cameras allows the viewer to “zoom in” and focus their attention on the person speaking.

Unfortunately, multi-camera recording has never been easy. It’s traditionally required an AV team and specialized equipment to capture and edit the video.

With Panopto, one of our goals is to bring multi-camera recording within reach for anyone using just a couple of laptops, webcams, and a microphone. If you’ve seen any of the interviews we’ve posted recently to this blog, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Our typical setup: two Windows laptops, two Logitech webcams, and a Blue Yeti microphone.

So how do you do it? Check out this 3+ minute video for the scoop:


Of course, Panopto can do a lot more than multi-camera recording. Whether you’re looking for a solution to record your corporate training sessions, capture university lectures, live stream events, create a secure video library, or share employee knowledge, we’ve got you covered.