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Record A Video Of Your Phone’s Screen in iOS11 And Share It With Panopto

Prior to Apple’s recent release of iOS 11, you had to get creative in order to record video of the screen on your phone or tablet. You might try mirroring the device on another. Plugging it in and setting it up as an extended monitor. Or simply plunking it down in front of another camera to record. All those options worked — but none were particularly easy or elegant.

But all that’s in the past (at least, if you have an Apple device). Now you can record video of your screen along with audio simply using Apple’s new native screen recording tool in iOS 11.

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Native mobile device screen recording can be an exceptionally useful tool. Already, people are using mobile screen recording to:

  • Capture app demos, walkthroughs, and reviews
  • Document mobile design and workflows, including device-specific bugs and issues that need to be resolved
  • Provide instant feedback on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
  • Share a deeper level of instruction or guidance using an app — say, giving a tour of your LMS, highlighting specific directions using your maps app, or anything else you’d want to demonstrate for anyone likely to be using a mobile device
  • Or anything else you’d want to demonstrate by phone — the same way you would on your laptop or desktop computer


How To Record Your Screen in iOS11

With native screen recording in iOS11, you can now record your screen and a voiceover in four simple steps.

1. Add the screen recording tool shortcut

mobile screen capture in the iphoneEnable screen recording from the Control Center. Open your Settings app and go to Control Center, then select, “Customize Controls.” Scroll down to Screen Recording and press the green “plus” icon next to it. You’ll now have a Screen Recording control tile that you can tap whenever you want to record your screen.

2. Toggle on audio recording

If you want to turn on audio recording, force press the control tile and tap the microphone icon to toggle audio on or off before recording.

3. Start recording your screen

Tap the Screen Recording tile to initiate recording — it will give you a 3-second countdown and turn red when it starts recording.

4. Stop your recording

To stop your recording, pull up the Control Center again and tap the Screen Recording icon to stop recording, or tap the red recording indicator in your status bar. Your screen recording will be stored on your iPhone, and you can access it through your Photos app.

Add A Mobile Screen Recording to Panopto

Panopto’s iOS video app makes it easy to share your mobile screen recording. Upload your screen recording video directly from your iPhone to a new session in Panopto and share, or splice it into another video by uploading your mobile screen capture to an existing session and using the Panopto online video editor.

Watch How To Record Your iPhone Screen In This Short Video Walkthrough

Mobilizing Video Throughout Your Organization

A mobile-optimized video platform lets you do so much more than share mobile screen recordings. From recording anywhere with a mobile device, to live webcasting, to playing HD video presentations on your phone, Panopto puts your entire video platform in your pocket.

  • Record Video On Your Mobile Device: Record and upload video from anywhere — whether you’re recording different points of view in a medical simulation or simply documenting what you’re seeing out in the field, Panopto’s mobile apps make it easy to capture video and upload it to your secure video library.
  • Customize Mobile Video Layouts And Add Captions: Panopto lets you customize how your audience sees your video on mobile, giving you options for side-by-side views of multiple video feeds, picture-in-picture or a tiled view. Panopto also lets you add closed captions that viewers can see during playback.
  • Search Your Entire Video Library On The Go: Do you need to reference a specific video tutorial or class lecture? Panopto puts its powerful video search engine in the palm of your hands, when you need it and where you need it. Search your not only your videos but also inside your videos for any word spoken or shown within a video and jump right to the part of the video you need.
  • Watch Multi-Screen HD Video Presentations Anywhere: It’s like YouTube but for your campus or business — Panopto automatically detects your device every time you click play and optimizes the video playback experience for your specific screen and connection. You can securely stream multi-screen video presentations from your mobile device or your desktop.


Ready To Do More With Mobile Video?

Panopto’s mobile video platform helps make your video content useful to anyone within your organization, whether they’re in the office, on campus, or out in the field. Contact our team today to request a free trial of Panopto.