Ten Ways Your Corporate LMS Falls Short When It Comes To Video

A wave of video has arrived in the workplace. Organizations in every industry around the world are finding video to be an increasingly simple tool that helps scale learning programs, reduce training costs, and make communications more engaging. ICON - CTA - 10 Ways Your LMS Falls Short When It Comes To Video - Video

Analysts now predict video will be an even more deeply-rooted part of organizations in just a few years’ time, becoming critical to how we share information and exchange expertise on a daily basis.

Yet for many organizations, another tool stands in the way of that potential — the learning management system, or LMS.

While an essential part of modern eLearning programs, today’s LMS solutions were not built to support the production, management, and sharing of video content. As a result, many learning teams are struggling to achieve the eLearning benefits their competitors have already found.

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In our latest white paper, 10 Ways Your LMS Falls Short When It Comes To Video, we’ll look deeper into the modern eLearning environment, and review 10 ways that today’s LMS solutions fall short when it comes to video.

We’ll also examine how a video content management system, or VCMS, can address each of those shortcomings — and why pairing a VCMS with your LMS is the ideal solution for maximizing the potential of your learning programs.

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Published: January 15, 2015