The fastest way to publish and share Cattura Video recordings

Lectures, presentations and events captured with Cattura’s CaptureCast Pro recorders can be automatically published into Panopto’s video content management system. Once in Panopto, the recordings are encoded for playback on any device and indexed for inside-video search.

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The best viewing experience for multi-source recordings.

Cattura’s support for simultaneously recording up to six video sources works in concert with Panopto’s unique multi-source video player, providing your viewers with the highest quality playback experience.

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Cattura Video’s CaptureCast Pro recorders now support the Universal Capture Specification (UCS), a simple, XML-based format for describing video files and collections so that they can be centrally managed and streamed to any device.

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With its unique support for multi-source video, timeline events, and metadata, the UCS is a perfect match for Cattura’s CaptureCast series. Customers stand to benefit from a seamless integration that provides the highest-fidelity playback of multi-source lectures and presentations.

Eric Burns, co-founder and CEO of Panopto