If a meeting's worth holding, it’s worth holding onto.

Microsoft Teams and Panopto are better together.

Meetings are where ideas are exchanged, collaboration happens, and decisions are made. It’s why more organizations are recording internal meetings to maximize value. Employees can watch meetings they couldn’t attend. When they attend, they take a more active role without needing to take notes. Staff can get up to speed on key projects. Archived meeting videos can be reviewed for security and compliance.

Panopto picks up where Teams leaves off.

Microsoft Teams enables real-time video conversations that can be recorded. After the meeting ends though, your people have to put in extra effort to find, share and watch Teams recordings. Panopto’s integration with Teams is purpose-built for the task. Its architecture handles huge amounts of video, providing essential administrative and end-user capabilities. Teams recordings are made secure, searchable and useful.


Teams + Panopto


Scalable controls to securely manage millions of meeting recordings YY
Secure sharing with internal and external users YY
Audit logs record viewing at the user level NY
Unlimited storage NY
Sophisticated content management and retention policies NY
Deep analytics NY
Partner network of hardware and software add-ons to streamline video workflows NY
API access NY

End User

Web based recorder - no software to install NY
Search for any spoken word and anything written on screen NY
Multi-source video player specifically designed to support team collaboration NY
Robust editing available in browser without software to install NY
Downstream workflows including human captioning and LMS embedding NY
Smart chapters

Meeting AI that does more than take notes.

Meetings are dynamic, collaborative events that often include multiple people talking while sharing screens, slides, and documents all from various locations. Meeting assistants designed to take notes and provide summaries quite simply miss an abundance of information that could prove to be valuable later.

Panopto’s innovative meeting AI features ensure every detail is fully preserved while presenting information in a format that makes insights easy to discover.

Panopto's cloud video platform uses elastic scaling to ensure video performance during usage spikes

End-to-end management of Teams recordings.

Offering the right level of access to meeting recordings is a big headache for organizations. Setting permissions so that recordings are useful yet secure is a real challenge. Integrating Microsoft Teams with Panopto means that all Teams recordings are set to private by default. Admins determine sharing rights based on the organization’s policies. Single Sign-On (SSO) enables employees to view secure videos using existing credentials.

Teams gives you the ability to record your meetings, but storage limits may soon run out. Panopto’s generous storage and archiving solutions mean you never have to restrict usage.

Panopto provides sophisticated retention tools that provide complete, system-wide content policies. The interface can be customized with corporate branding to blend into existing systems. Panopto integrates with lots of third party systems including Learning Management Systems, intranets, CRMs and a range of popular business tools.

Learn more about security in Panopto
Search inside Zoom cloud recordings to navigate to relevant content with Panopto's Smart Search capability

Search every spoken or written word.

Instantly raise employee productivity.

Most video search systems only index the title and description of recorded meetings. This means employees waste time sifting through hours of video. Meeting recordings are soon redundant and ignored.

Panopto’s powerful inside-video search capabilities allow attendees to search for anything that anyone said during a meeting. Panopto indexes every word on screen, slides, whiteboards, and other materials. Viewers can jump to precise meeting moments, for rapid recall of important information.

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A playback experience that’s as good as being there.

Panopto ensures Teams recordings are ready for playback on any device. Video quality is optimized according to available bandwidth.

Panopto ensures speaker windows never obstruct what’s being shared. Users choose which stream to focus on – an experience that’s often said to be better than the live meeting!

MS Teams lecture

Turn Teams into a content production powerhouse.

Panopto provides a range of features to make any recorded Teams session look polished and professional. When employees share a recorded presentation from Teams, with Panopto they can add documents and other resources.

Closed captioning options allow for seamless insertion and editing. Panopto works with global captioning services to simplify and automate the process.

Edit any Teams recording - no software required.

Panopto empowers employees to create and edit their own videos. Simple drag and drop functionality allows users to trim, cut and publish videos. The editor also allows creators to insert video clips. Edited material is always available if the user wants to re-edit the recording.

In training scenarios, quizzes can be added, with results routed back to your LMS. All within a sophisticated, browser-based system with nothing to install.

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