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The Value of Panopto For First-Time Video Management System Users

Wish you didn’t have to juggle so many video tools? A video management system (VMS) helps you and your faculty easily record, edit, and share lectures and virtual classes, all in one secure platform that integrates seamlessly with your LMS. It’s time to graduate from YouTube and make the move to Panopto, higher education’s leading VMS.



Why Do I Need a VMS?

Video technology is shaping learning – especially in higher education. 

A VMS (sometimes called a video library, video platform, or video content management system) is an asynchronous video technology for creating, hosting, searching, and streaming videos online. A VMS enables the easy capture, management, and viewing of video content for the purposes of communicating, educating, or entertaining. Different from synchronous – or real-time – video conferencing technologies that support live, two-way video conversations, video platforms offer a range of solutions for on-demand video and, increasingly, live, one-to-many streaming video.



What to Look For When Comparing Video Management Systems

Selecting the first VMS for your institution can seem overwhelming. With a variety of platforms to help create, manage, and distribute video content, you want to weigh all options to ensure you are choosing the best VMS for your needs when first implementing the new technology and well into the future. 

Some things to look out for include:

  • Integrations. Did you know that your VMS can connect to tools you’re already using in the classroom? To ensure your education technologies are used most effectively, ensure that your video conferencing platform and LMS integrate with your new video library. 
  • User Experience. When implementing a new technology, ease-of-use is vitally important to encouraging adoption. Viewing, uploading, capturing video, live webcasting, and managing video content all must be intuitive to learn and simple to perform.
  • Scalability. Choosing a VMS with easy scalability ensures a successful platform now and in the future. 
  • Company Reputation. Feel confident in your decision when choosing a VMS by selecting a company with a positive reputation.
  • Customer Support. Determine the level of support included with your VMS, including training and support while learning the new technology.

What is Panopto, and Why Would You Use It?

Panopto is the easiest way to record and share videos.

Panopto was created at Carnegie Mellon University by educators, for educators. Since 2007, we’ve built the easiest-to-use platform for managing all your video assets, integrating video into your LMS, capturing lectures, recording flipped classroom videos, and more. With 10 million active users, Panopto is trusted by top universities globally. 

So… why choose Panopto for your VMS? 

With Panopto, you’ve got a secure, mobile-ready video platform that will revolutionize the way you share knowledge and information. Panopto’s features include: 

  • Video Management. With Panopto’s industry-leading video CMS, it’s easy for anyone in your organization to find and stream all of your video assets online, from anywhere in the world.
  • Recording Video. With dedicated software and apps for Windows, Mac, and iOS, Panopto’s flexible video recording software gives you the ability to record online, offline, and anywhere you can take your smartphone.
  • Live Video. Panopto makes it easy to create and share professional-quality live streaming videos without the need for A/V production crews or IT specialists, so you can webcast an international conference, a monthly meeting, or your regular classroom without external support.
  • Video Search and Discovery. Every video uploaded and stored in your Panopto video library is searchable – every word spoken, every word on screen, every slide, and every digital note. 
  • Integrations. Customize and extend Panopto’s industry-leading video platform to align with your internal processes and to work with your existing IT infrastructure, including hardware (video cameras, microphones, laptops, etc.) and software (learning management systems, video conferencing platforms, etc.).
  • Top-Tier Customer Support. You’ll find a true partner with the team at Panopto – we  consistently receive a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

What Can You Achieve with Panopto?

Panopto is the easiest way to record and share videos. Benefits of adding Panopto into your education technology ecosystem include: 

  • Easily Create Video Learning Experiences. Panopto offers a reliable, easy-to-use, all-in-one video platform for lecture capture, video recording, editing, and management with robust engagement and analytics tools, offering dedicated customer support partnership. Panopto is simple to understand and offers a variety of guides and tutorials, proving to be a user-friendly VMS that’s perfect for first-time VMS users. 
  • Deliver Flexible, Personalized Learning. With numerous recording and distribution options for your video learning content, Panopto offers a flexible learning environment suited to each student’s needs. 
  • Streamline Workflows. Panopto’s robust integrations allow you to use the tools your faculty and students are already comfortable with.
  • Enable Straightforward And Secure Content Sharing.Protect the security, confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of your data with Panopto’s stringent safeguards.
  • Understand Student Engagement. Every video within Panopto offers detailed analytics to assist in engagement insights and audience viewing behaviors.
  • Maintain Accessibility and Compliance. Panopto helps organizations achieve compliance with federal accessibility requirements for online video.

More Than a Tool: Meet Your Institution’s Strategic Goals with Panopto

Integration of video into your classroom ecosystem will benefit both faculty and students:

Make your institution more competitive and support student enrollment.

Stay on-trend with higher education technology by integrating asynchronous video content, which is going to be a key part of higher ed’s approach to more flexible and future-proof learning delivery. What’s more, stay aligned with student expectations by offering flexible and accessible learning experiences, which many students consider as an important factor when choosing an institution to enroll in.

Improve learning outcomes, student satisfaction, and engagement. 

Panopto helps improve student engagement and satisfaction by offering personalized learning opportunities, whether it’s focusing on class material instead of taking notes or by including interactive features within the learning videos like quizzing and discussion threads. Once comfortable with the technology, Panopto’s engagement analytics also allow educators to dive deep into student insights, improving access to learning outcomes. Reports on audience engagement and insights into viewing behavior are available for every video. 

Boost faculty satisfaction and productivity.

With streamlined workflows and automatically captured live sessions, Panopto easily integrates into any classroom experience and helps faculty do less manual work so they can focus on their teaching. Your VMS should act as the central hub between any and every video conferencing tool and LMS you might have. Through integrations, you can also add, create, and ingest video without any additional software, and without ever having to leave your LMS environment. You can use a recording device on-premise or in the cloud from any web browser or smartphone, and your videos are automatically uploaded to Panopto and shared with approved users.

Enable flexible learning experiences, making equitable learning accessible to all.

A VMS offers students the opportunity to learn at a pace that works the best for their needs. Through on-demand lecture videos, students are able to watch at convenient times, include captions for accessibility, and rewatch important videos while studying. In addition, if you are using Panopto as your VMS, searching through your entire video library is as easy as searching through your email. Panopto’s Smart Search feature uses Automatic Speech Recognition and Optical Character Recognition technology to automatically index and time-stamp every word that’s spoken or displayed on-screen in 15 different languages.

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