NET+ Panopto enables institutions to centrally manage all of their video assets

Internet2 NET+ Panopto Service

Created at Carnegie Mellon in 2007, Panopto is the leading video platform for higher education. We provide our customers with easy deployment, affordable captioning and accessibility, scalable video delivery, predictable pricing, interactive video quizzing, integrations with all major learning management systems, flexible video capture, the industry’s most comprehensive video search engine, and top-rated customer support.

NET+ Panopto enables institutions to centrally manage all of their video assets, integrate video into their LMS, capture live and on-demand video, stream video to any device, and search inside the content of video for any word spoken or shown.

Internet2 + Panopto

NET+ Panopto Benefits for Internet2 Members

Discounted pricing: Institutions that sign up for Net+ Panopto get pricing discounts and extended payment terms.

Dedicated Streaming: NET+ Panopto is delivered over the Internet2 Network, with dedicated peer points for AWS.

Customized Licensing: The NET+ Panopto customer agreement includes a custom EULA and privacy policy tailored for member institutions.

Advisory Board: NET+ Panopto has an advisory board that gives colleges and universities a direct voice with Panopto.

To ensure Panopto met Internet2's standards, Panopto underwent a two-year validation process

Extensively Vetted by Internet2 Members

To ensure that NET+ Panopto will meet the diverse requirements of Internet2 members, the service has been rigorously validated by Northwestern University, Notre Dame, the University of Arizona, the University of Central Florida, and the University of Washington.

The two-year validation process included a comprehensive review of Panopto’s functionality, security, identity, accessibility, compliance, network architecture, and legal terms.

Internet2 + Panopto is a flexible video platform designed for higher education

A Flexible Video Platform Designed for Higher Education

Faculty, staff, and students at more than 1,000 colleges and universities around the world use Panopto to securely manage their digital video libraries, record and share lectures and flipped classroom materials, live stream events and announcements, and capture student assignments in video format.

Find out more about how other institutions use Panopto to enhance their students’ learning experiences.

Panopto for Education