Social Media Company


A video meeting at the social media company

The Challenge

The social media company has hundreds of millions of members worldwide in more than 200 countries and employs tens of thousands of full-time employees across offices in more than 30 cities around the world.

Every year, the company helps users expand their networks and unlock new professional opportunities. In order to best serve its employees, it needed to replace its homegrown video management system with a more robust video tool.

The company required a solution that could meet the unique needs of its teams in business operations, customer support, engineering, HR & recruiting, marketing & communications, productivity & IT, product & design, and sales. These teams serve a customer base that generated over $8 billion revenue in 2020, necessitating the implementation of comprehensive video training materials and meeting recordings.

Video streaming a live event at the social media company

The Solution

The company selected Panopto based on its live feature set and ability to integrate with the company’s existing meeting tools, which include Zoom and BlueJeans, as a primary video library. The Panopto team also set up seamless integrations with its OKTA SSO and WanOp solution. Panopto provided the ancillary benefit of its RTMP streaming service, which equipped the company with a consistent backup solution for its live events.

An employee at the social media company watches a training blog

The Impact

Thanks to Panopto’s intuitive user experience, the company’s research team was able to create video blogs as well as a new library for training materials. Currently, roughly 11,600 (58%) of the company’s employees use Panopto, recording 2,500+ videos per week into Panopto.

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