Northwest University Keeps Students in Class with Panopto

Lecture capture solution prepares Northwest for sick days, game days and exam days

Pittsburgh, Pa., October 14, 2009 Panopto, Inc., a leading provider of rich media knowledge casting and management solutions for the corporate, education, government and healthcare markets, today announced that Northwest University, a private liberal arts university in Kirkland, Wash., is deploying CourseCast across its campus to enrich students’ learning experience and prepare for a potential H1N1 flu pandemic.

Northwest University selected Panopto CourseCast as its lecture capture solution based on its ability to create recordings of lectures instantly, so that students who miss class for illnesses, athletic competitions or extracurricular events could access missed lectures and critical course material.

Northwest also was drawn to CourseCast’s flexible recording functionality which allows instructors to create and manage recordings from home as well as the classroom. This functionality empowers instructors to continue teaching even if campus is shut down for a flu pandemic, natural disaster or other unforeseen event.

“By deploying Panopto CourseCast, we are not only enriching the learning experience on on-campus students, but helping those students who have to miss class for an illness, injury, athletic event or extracurricular activity,” said Waldemar Kowalski, professor and chief information officer for Northwest University. “With CourseCast, faculty can record rich media lectures and post them online with ease, empowering students to access course material whether they are sick at home, studying in the library or traveling on the road.”

“New pandemic threats such as H1N1 are extreme examples of the increased need for solutions that allow students to stay up-to-date on their courses, even when they cannot be in the classroom,” said Brad Winney, chief executive officer of Panopto. “We are proud that Northwest University has employed Panopto CourseCast not only to safeguard its campus against these types of crisis, but to help its students and faculty realize the full benefit of their classes before and after the fact.”

After a competitive evaluation, Northwest University chose CourseCast over leading lecture capture solutions due to its low total cost of ownership and ability to produce digital rich media recordings that included video, audio and screen capture components. Its integration to the content management system Moodle was another important selling point as it empowered professors to post lectures directly to existing Moodle course Web sites.

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About Northwest University
Northwest University is a private Christian university affiliated with the Assemblies of God. Founded in 1934, it is located on a 56-acre campus on the east side of Seattle in Kirkland, Wash. The mission of Northwest University is to provide, in a distinctly evangelical Christian environment, quality education to prepare students for service and leadership. For additional information, please visit