Universities and colleges like yours are continuing to explore ways to accommodate a wide range of learning experiences this fall and we’re here to help. With over 1,000 universities and colleges using Panopto, we have gathered a treasure trove of valuable insights and best practices for leveraging video in the academic arena, and we’re excited to share them with you.

If you plan to provide your students with the most flexible and personalized learning experience this fall, you’re likely considering the HyFlex learning model, which may seem like a relatively simple model to implement, but one that can get complicated quickly.

Accordingly, we’re partnering with the Information Technology team at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to provide you with the inside scoop on why they decided to implement a pilot HyFlex learning model this fall, and how they plan to roll it out using a handful of key technology partners.

We also discuss UNLV’s plans to use Panopto, Webex, Crestron, and Seneca to create a flexible and personalized experience where all students, regardless of how they choose to participate, are provided with the same robust learning experience.


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