Watching a sales training video

The Challenge

Operating at the intersection of a range of emerging technologies, this global company is known for its innovative approach to delivering business value for its customers. But a vanguard cannot stand still — to continue to help its clients compete in the modern marketplace, the company recognizes that it is critical for staff to be able to rapidly upskill and disseminate knowledge based on new trends and insights from the field. 

That need is particularly important for the sales team, which is highly mobile and needs to be especially responsive to the latest market intelligence. The sales enablement team knew it had to expand its options for creating and sharing content — and so it began investigating how video could enhance sales training and knowledge-sharing activities. 

A sales meeting

The Solution

After reviewing the video platform options available, the sales enablement team chose to implement the Panopto video platform to enable the team to begin integrating video into their day-to-day activities.

Initially, the sales enablement team began using video to create more formal sales training recordings. These were produced by a small, centralized team and covered all of the most important sales topics, from processes related to account planning to go-to-market strategies and how to pitch different solutions to different audiences. The videos proved instantly popular with the sales team and views of the recordings grew rapidly.

The team also wanted to use Panopto’s live broadcast functionality to live stream the company’s quarterly events. As the company has a large and geographically dispersed team, communicating in a consistent manner across different regions had previously posed a significant problem. Live streaming with Panopto offered a great opportunity to overcome this challenge. 

In its first quarterly event live broadcast, the company streamed nine hours of content. More than 600 staff members watched the event live stream, and an additional 200 employees have since watched the recording of the broadcast on demand.

Sales meeting with video

The Impact

Panopto allowed the sales enablement team to both improve the delivery of core sales training and open up new possibilities for collaboration and communication. The team has found that Panopto’s simple, easy-to-understand user interface has played a key role in the speedy adoption of Panopto amongst the company’s sales reps. 

With Panopto now successfully powering the company’s microlearning initiatives and enabling employees within the company to connect over vast distances, the company has set its sights on using Panopto to support social learning

“We see huge potential to use Panopto to facilitate collaborative and social learning,” says the sales enablement team. “We think that it’s only a matter of time before video-based knowledge sharing becomes mainstream with our staff. We expect this will offer many benefits to the organization and improve our productivity and our ability to adapt to rapidly shifting markets.”

Some early adopters are already recording their own internal training sessions with Panopto, using their laptops to record a ‘talking head’ presentation along with slides, screen recordings, and other video recordings, so that they can share critical information with their teams. This, coupled with moves to integrate Panopto more fully into the sales process, will take video learning and communication at the company to the next level.

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