Flip your classrooms and let students learn at their own pace with Panopto's K-12 video learning platform

More active classrooms.

More personalized learning.

Flip your classrooms and let students learn at their own pace while teachers focus class time on interactive activities. Or flip your teachers, and give students a new way to practice skills while helping teachers diversify their lesson plans.

Panopto's K-12 video platform is an affordable, flexible video learning solution

An affordable, flexible video learning solution.

Make video a part of your students’ learning experience — however works best for your students, your teachers, and your district. With no mandatory hardware, servers, or recording studios, Panopto helps you make your own decisions about how to implement video.

Securely stream educational videos for your K12 classrooms with Panopto's video streaming platform

Blended learning without limits.

Invest in a solution that won’t put limits on how you use it. Panopto makes it easy to record with virtually any device, anytime and anywhere. Panopto makes it simple to stream video live to an audience of any size. And Panopto makes sure that your videos will play perfectly, on any device.